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Jay Heath Oct 19, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Perhaps the nicest thing one can say about the stock steering box in a C2/C3 Corvette is that eventually it will fail and need to be removed. And when it does, it’s a relatively simple matter to locate and install a more durable, better-feeling aftermarket alternative.

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As if to prove this theory, a ’72 convertible on the outskirts of our little editorial universe recently sprang a Lusitania- quality leak in its factory steering unit, visiting upon us the opportunity to document the replacement process in one of our trademark hard-hitting installation stories.

At the time, the car in question was laid up at nearby Vette-tuning shop AntiVenom, undergoing a transformation from snooze-inducing cruiser to LS-engined street fighter. That being the case, bringing the car’s steering system into performance concinnity with the rest of the package—430hp powerplant, VB&P suspension, and so on—seemed like a natural step.

Having previously used Borgeson Universal components to excellent effect on another project, we chose the Torrington, Connecticut–based manufacturer to supply the hard parts for this upgrade. The Borgeson folks have been cranking out steering hardware for the automotive, industrial, aerospace, and military sectors since Woodrow Wilson was in office, so if anyone could put our C3 on the road to steering salubrity, they were the ones to do it.

The job took AV around half a day to complete, thanks in large part to the availability of a lift and the “direct fit” nature of the Borgeson kit (PN 999032, MSRP: $745). What follows is a photographic overview of the process, along with our usual dose of insightful commentary.

This is the steering setup the car should have had from the factory. It finally feels like a Corvette!—Greg Lovell


Borgeson Universal
Torrington, CT 06790
Seffner, FL 33584




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