C3 Big-Block Engine Swap - Big-Block Party

Part 3: Prepping our '69 for the installation of a modern, EFI big-block

Paul Sisia Aug 21, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Firing it Up
We quickly forgot about all the parts and the hours of labor that went into this build the second we turned the key and heard the engine explode to life. Yes, explode. Small-blocks start, and it's fairly uneventful when they do. When a big-block starts, it sounds like a bomb going off. I clearly remember the first time I heard an original 427/435 fire up. It had side pipes, and it scared the life out of me—the kind of scared when you can't stop smiling.

Vemp 1110 11 C3 Big Block Engine Swap 2/31

David Fulcher took the first spin…literally. As he dropped the shift lever into "D" and touched the gas pedal, the car spun the tires right there in the service bay.

Don't miss the next issue when, along with final photos, we'll have the complete report from Walden's dyno, a full road-test review, and our driving impressions—including braking, steering response, handling, acceleration, and even a fuel-mileage summary. See you then.




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