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James Berry Sep 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Programming One or Both Doors to Unlock in Passive Mode
The system allows you to choose whether you want the passenger door to unlock passively. (The PKE will always unlock the driver's door when the system is in the passive mode.) To enable or disable the passenger door, perform the following procedure:

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1. First, a transmitter must be in range of the PKE receiver.
2. The key must be in the ignition in the off position.
3. Push the door-lock switch for approximately five seconds.
4. The PKE module will then lock and unlock the doors to verify that the command has been sent.

Even if the driver-door-only unlock option has been chosen, you can still unlock the passenger door using the transmitter.

Arming the Alarm
Let's go over how to run a simple test on your Corvette's theft-deterrent system:

1. Lower the driver-side window before turning off the vehicle.
2. Open the door with the ignition in the off position; the Security light should flash. This flashing light is your cue to arm the security system.
3. To arm the system, open the door.
4. With the door open, lock the door using the power door-lock switch or the transmitter (Image E). The Security light should come on. If you lock the vehicle with the manual door lock or the key, the system will not arm.
5. Close all of the doors. The Security light should go off, indicating that your system is armed.

Testing the Alarm
Now that your alarm is armed, you can test it for proper operation by doing the following:

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1. After arming the system (as described above), wait approximately 10 seconds.
2. Reach inside the open window, unlock the door using the manual door lock, and open it using the inside handle. The alarm should go off.
3. The alarm should sound for approximately three minutes; it then will go off to save battery power. Even though the alarm may not be sounding, the vehicle will not start until the system is deactivated.
4. If the alarm did not go off, make sure your horns are working; it's possible that you have a blown horn fuse or a defective horn.

Turning Off the Alarm
In the event you accidentally set off your C4's alarm, you can turn it off by following these steps:

1. Unlock the door with your key.
2. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the Run position.
3. Use the fob to deactivate the alarm.

As you can see, there's a lot to learn when it comes to the PKE system in your C4. Fortunately the system is not complicated once you understand how it works. If your transmitters will not program, or your PKE system is not working, it's time to perform some diagnostics. Next month we'll cover these procedures, along with component location and PKE-receiver repair. vette

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