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East Coast Supercharging unleashes a 1,070-rwhp package for the hard-core street enthusiast

Michael Galimi Sep 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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One thousand seventy horsepower at the tires works out to approximately 1,175 hp at the crankshaft, and the factory ECU controls it all. It wasn't long ago that a fancy aftermarket EFI system would be required to control the 95-lb/hr fuel injectors, but that isn't the case anymore. "These cars tune just like the rest of our lower-boost cars—just with more boost and fuel. The tuning is a bit more tedious, but nothing you wouldn't expect with this amount of power," says Ring.

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ECS relies on EFI Live to manipulate the factory computer system. "I'd say the largest advancement has been in the tuning ability that we have with the newer and faster PCMs. The fact that a factory computer can keep up with the demands of this kind of build is amazing."

ECS just doesn't stuff an engine under the hood; the company also adds a heavy-duty clutch from Mantic, as well as a complete fuel system to feed the beast. The suspension gets a makeover that includes a Pfadt coilover package and Pfadt Street sway bars. Naturally, if the customer wants to go drag racing, a full rollcage is required. ECS also has an automatic transmission conversion for those who are really serious about quarter-miling. Both cars we scoped out had Nitto NT05 rubber all around to help traction on the street.

Ring sums up the experience: "These cars are owned by customers who live in the New York/New Jersey metro area. That means that in addition to meeting the customers' power goals, each Corvette had to be capable of idling in traffic while staying cool and have a smooth clutch engagement. The A/C has to work, the car has to drive well and tolerate low rpm, as well as hard high-rpm pulls. It can't act like an old-school race car and needs to have good street manners. Thanks to advancements in components and tuning, each drives a like normal Corvette—except they just happen to be much, much faster."




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