Reusable Oil Filter - New Tricks Revisited

A closer look at the last oil filter you’ll ever buy

James Miles Aug 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Several years ago, we ran a story on what appeared to be a breakthrough new product: a lifetime oil filter ("The Old Dog Meets New Tricks," Aug. '05). After putting the manufacturer's claims to the test on an L98 engine, we had only positive things to say. One year later, we performed a similar evaluation on Editor Heath's LT1 ride and achieved the same results. This month, we're featuring the LS1 model.

Vemp 1108 00 Reusable Oil Filter 2/11

Quite possibly my favorite aftermarket accessory, PurePower's undercar can does what many other filters do not: its job. To recap what we've written in the past, most conventional filters attempt to clean engine oil by passing it over paper media. This method catches some--but not all--of the contaminants in the fluid.

PurePower's filter, on the other hand, forces the used oil through a fine metal mesh that traps all debris 22 microns and smaller on the first pass. For reference, a human hair is 100 microns in diameter, while the smallest size visible to the human eye is 10 microns across.

How does it work in practice? According to PurePower, SAE and ASTM testing showed a 90 percent filtering improvement over standard cans, along with up to four times the oil flow and the ability to withstand 1,000-plus-psi pressure bursts without damage or distortion.

Given time, almost everything evolves, and PurePower's filters are no exception. Featuring a host of fresh advancements, the LS1 version offers a new bypass valve, neodymium magnets, and a reinforced "rollcage" that keeps the filter safe from user error.

Need a few more reasons why PurePower's filters just make sense? Check out the accompanying photos to see just how well constructed they really are.






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