C5 Corvette Side Mirrors - Mirror, Mirror

When your fairest is looking less so, it may be time for a new view

James Miles Jul 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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One of the drawbacks to buying a previously owned Corvette is that you'll most likely need to iron out a variety of "used-car" issues. While I've never had any complaints about the performance of my recently acquired C5, there were a few minor issues with the car's ancillary equipment early on. One such issue could be found in the driver-side mirror, which had become marred by a severe case of delamination. To make matters worse, water had seeped between the two layers, giving us an "underwater" view of the world aft.

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Fortunately, major parts vendors such as Corvette Central carry replacement mirrors that will drop right into place and instantly improve your outlook. We decided to go this route, giving our ailing passenger-side mirror a refresh while we were at it. But the fun didn't stop there. We also addressed an issue with our C5's switchgear—namely, a mirror-adjustment control that was spotty at best. After tracing it to a failed membrane switch in the driver's armrest, we put in another order with CCentral posthaste.

Replacements were straightforward on all fronts. And as long as you follow the included directions, you can't fail. For an overview of our experience, just keep reading.


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