Corvette Headers Guide - Part 2

Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Headers

Christopher R. Phillip Jun 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Performance: Stahl's designs outperform all others. We seldom lose a dyno test when comparing apples to apples (tube size, primary length, and collector outlet/length).

Value: Stahls cost more because they take longer to build. However, many racers have found it costs less over time to buy one set of Stahl headers, instead of several sets of the "other" brand. It's not uncommon to find Stahl headers in use for 20 years on drag cars. Racers in other motorsports have logged 12,000-plus race miles on their Stahl headers.

Quote from company:
"Stahl Headers has been manufacturing quality drag-race headers since 1963, and we offer more combinations for each specific model than any other header manufacturer. Based on thousands of dyno tests, we know what area of the power curve headers affect the most. If you want the finest-quality headers for your race car, we'll make them for you, providing we have a model to fit your engine/chassis combination. There's no stronger statement to emphasize the pride you feel in your race car than equipping it with a Stahl header."

T.P.I.S. Inc.
(952) 448-6021

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Brief description:
Our '84-'96 Corvette headers are available painted or in polished or black hi-temp coating. They allow the use of all factory mounting bolts and brackets. Also included are Fel-Pro gaskets and oxygen-sensor wire extensions, where applicable. (TPIS also has Y-pipes available to hook up to your factory-style cat.)

Trademark features:
Our C4 headers have 13/4-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors. All our C5/C6 headers are made from stainless steel and include oxygen-sensor extensions, hardware kits, 13/4-inch primaries, and merge-style collectors. TPIS headers install with no modification to your Corvette when used with the available Y-pipe or center section.

Quote from company:
"American-made parts for American-made muscle."

Stainless Works
(800) 878-3635

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Brief description:
Stainless Works makes long-tube headers for all C2 through C6 Corvettes, including the ZR1. We also make block-hugger headers for small-block and LS1 Corvettes. For the C2 and C3, we make undercar and side-exit big-block headers, as well as LS1-conversion headers for C2/C3 Vettes with the Newman chassis. We are one of the only header manufacturers who make headers for the '85-'91 C4 and the '90-'95 ZR-1 (all with air tubes). We also make custom headers for special applications, as desired.

Trademark features:
Stainless Works makes all of its headers in-house in the USA from 304L stainless steel with a lifetime warranty. We feature 3/8-inch-thick CNC laser-cut header flanges, mandrel-bent 16-gauge 304 stainless-steel tubing for primary tubes, and formed 304 stainless-steel collectors sized for slip-fit connection points. Stainless Works headers are fully TIG welded to insure the highest quality, leak-proof product with the highest level of appearance in the market. We offer optional full polishing on our headers for show cars and the option of thermal-barrier ceramic-coating to reduce passenger and engine-compartment temperatures. We constantly bring in Corvettes to our manufacturing facility to retest product fitment, thereby insuring that what we offer fits and performs flawlessly.


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