Corvette Headers Guide - Part 2

Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Headers

Christopher R. Phillip Jun 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Brief description:
Our headers feature CNC-machined 3/8-inch-thick steel flanges that are port matched for the best flow and seal possible. The primaries are constructed of mandrel-bent 16-gauge steel that is more durable than light-gauge stainless. The collectors are 16-gauge aluminized steel. These headers retain the catalytic converters in the stock location and are 50-state legal.

Trademark features:
Our performance headers for Corvettes are available with Armorcoat, a 2,000-degree polished metallic-ceramic coating that is guaranteed not to flake, peel, or burn off.

Quote from company:
"Affordably priced quality made in America by Pacesetter."

Patriot Headers (Pertronix Performance Products)
(909) 599-5955

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Brief description:
Patriot offers shorty and tight-tuck-style headers for C1 through C4 Corvettes at more affordable prices.

Trademark features:
Our headers are built with surface-machined flanges for a great seal and are mandrel bent on CNC machines. They're available in a raw finish for individual customizing or with a polished metallic-ceramic finish for corrosion protection.

Quote from company:
"Patriot specializes in headers for the early-model Corvettes at prices the budget-minded hobbyist can appreciate."

Stahl Headers Inc.
(717) 846-1632

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Brief description:
Stahl Headers doesn't mass produce a one-size-fits-all header. Each one is built to order, taking into consideration your specific cylinder head, block, and vehicle combination, to give you the fit, durability, and performance you expect. We take important additional steps to maintain our high standards. You may be asked to supply exhaust-port templates, engine location/motor mount info, or other technical data when placing your order. This attention to detail makes the Stahl difference.

All of our headers are race quality (no more than 2-inch variation in primary-tube length from the shortest to the longest tube). No other manufacturer can make that claim. They're available in various primary-tube and collector-outlet sizes to fit different-hp engines and vehicle applications. Because we build to order, our headers have a proper fit and no port mismatch at the flange.

We offer a fenderwell-exit header design for the C1 to be used with sidepipes. Our C2 and C3 headers are available in either a side-exit or an under-chassis design. The side-exit header can even be built to utilize the factory covers. Our C4 headers are built in a step-tube configuration and yield significant power increases. They hook up to a stock exhaust not using the catalytic converter. All oxygen sensors can be used, as well as the A.I.R. system.

Trademark features:
Quality: Stahl headers outlast all other headers made with mild steel. Why? Our quality manufacturing techniques are so unique, we consider them trade secrets! Our dedication to quality has resulted in a product that is the standard by which others are judged.

Engineering: Since 1963, Stahl has set the standards in the header industry. Our designs feature equal-length primaries for maximum performance. Most other brands have 4 inches or more of variation.


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