Corvette Headers Guide - Part 2

Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Headers

Christopher R. Phillip Jun 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Have you ever tried exhaling through a straw? It's not the easiest thing in the world to do, is it? The full power of your lungs is held back as you attempt to push the air through the narrow-diameter tube. The same holds true for your Corvette. If you force the engine to exhale through factory exhaust manifolds, you're preventing it from maximizing its horsepower output.

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That's why this month we're bringing you Part 2 of our Official Guide to Corvette Headers. With the right header package (headers, downpipes, intermediate pipes, and catalytic converters, if needed) and a well-matched exhaust system ("Great Pipes," Aug. '09), you should be able to all but eradicate the exhaust-gas flow restrictions that prevent your Corvette from reaching its full potential.

Because determining the right header system for your Corvette is a personal choice based upon numerous factors, we won't be favoring one brand over another. Instead, we're simply listing the remainder of the brands (L through T) and allowing them to state their case. All that's left is for you to decide which of them is right for your car.

LG Motorsports
(972) 429-1963

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Brief description:
Our headers come from 30-plus years of racing experience; no other header system is as complete or holds as many professional wins and records. We offer the only Corvette long-tube headers in the world to feature a true merge race-car collector in a complete engine-to-muffler bolt-on design with no modifications required. (High-flow cats are also available and replaceable.)

Trademark features:
We use top-quality 304 stainless-steel construction throughout, and every kit comes complete with all pipes, clamps, and 02-sensor extensions needed to make it a true bolt-on system. All of our headers carry a lifetime guarantee.

Quote from company:
"Dyno tests have consistently shown that our title holds true: 'The Most Powerful Corvette Headers on the Planet.'"

McJacks Corvettes
(714) 775-2799,

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Brief description:
The Pro-Series headers we make were designed and manufactured for one specific reason: no one else made them. We've always specialized in Corvettes and their exhaust systems. For years customers would call and ask for a direct-fit, bolt-on header. Finally the day has come. After two years of designing and redesigning, and many different configurations, we've come up with two perfect designs: shorty headers for small- and big-block Corvette engines!

Trademark features:
Our small-block headers for C1s and C2s replace the ram-horn, cast-iron factory manifolds. No cutting, welding, or endless trips to the muffler shop are required; these headers can be installed in your own garage in a matter of hours. Add a new set of McJacks Pro-Series headers and you'll have the increase in performance and the show look of ceramic-coated headers.

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Our big-block headers for C2s and C3s come with square flanges that perfectly match the square ports on your Corvette-that means no more exhaust leaks! No one else arranges all eight 2-inch tubes around the lower crossmember, steering box, idler arm, motor mounts, and even the clutch jack shaft (for four-speed owners), and still leaves clearance for your mounting bolts and spark plugs. Just like our small-block headers, your big-block header transformation easily can be accomplished on a Saturday afternoon in your garage!

Quote from company:
"Ceramic-coated on the outside and copper-coated on the inside, keeping the 2,100-degree heat inside the tube. Wahoo!"




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