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Ironing Out C5 Oiling Issues

James Miles May 5, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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As I mentioned a couple issues back, I recently picked up my first C5-a fully loaded '02 coupe. And as any new-to-you used-car owner knows, the good and the bad can sometimes go hand in hand.

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Thankfully, even shade-tree mechanics like me can address many of these cars' common problems nearly unaided. One such issue is the oil-pressure sensor.

This classic C5 failure isn't exactly a quick-and-easy repair, but there are several ways to go about it. In this instance, we accessed the sensor (which sits at the back of the engine) by removing a good portion of the top of engine. Thankfully, the intake was coming off for a separate story anyway. Otherwise, we would have followed the suggestions of several Corvette Forum members and drilled holes to access the darn thing and then relocated it all together.

While we were at it, a small detour was prescribed for an ailing PCV system. Enhanced Street Performance Inc. (ESP) owners Dave Brady and Greg Gemme spotted the issue while baselining our yet-to-be-named '02 on their Mustang dynamometer for an upcoming story. Visible as only an occasional wisp of smoke, the Y-section in the pipe had long since given up its ghost and was now dripping evacuated oil directly under the intake. A quick call to the local dealership awarded us with a better-than-ever OEM replacement with a redesigned Y-joint.

As both repairs require access behind the intake, you're in for several hours of work. Thankfully, these two items are pretty straightforward. Just keep a copy of your C5 service manual-available from Corvette Central-nearby and chances are you won't have any issues at all.


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