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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Headers

Christopher R. Phillip Apr 8, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Hedman Hedders
(562) 921-0404

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Brief description:
Hedman Hedders manufactures application-specific header designs for '55 to '91 Corvettes. We offer full-length models for SB and BB powerplants, including sets for D-port heads. If you run side pipes, Hedman also offers long-tube hedders that are configured for use with them.

Trademark Features:
Hedman has been manufacturing headers for more than 50 years, and with that longevity comes quality and consistency. Every set of Hedman Hedders is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the factory. Each model offered is designed to fit a specific vehicle, which means that it installs easier and provides maximum performance gains for your sweat equity. Hedman's Corvette headers are manufactured using mild-steel materials, and are available in either standard-duty uncoated or standard-duty with HTC ceramic coating. Several of our Corvette models are also available as an Ultra-Duty Elite Hedder that utilize thicker flanges and tubes than standard-design headers.

Quote from company:
"Hedman Hedders was the very first hedder production company in the world, and over the years, we were responsible for many 'firsts' among exhaust header manufacturers. Functional improvements such as ceramic coating of headers, stepped tube headers, and flat race collectors are only a few of the innovations that have made Hedman the number one name in headers. In fact, Hedman is the most searched header brand on the Internet."

Hooker Headers
(270) 782-2900

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Brief description:
With Hooker Super Competition headers, the objective has always been to make the maximum horsepower and to put it at the optimum point in the power curve. Super Competition side-mount headers deliver the most aggressive style and performance for your early Corvette.

Trademark Features:
Hooker Super Competition headers are built from lightweight 18-gauge tubing. Side tubes slip directly to the collector for a leak-free seal. Hooker side-mount headers and side tubes come with three choices of coating: show-quality chrome, high-heat-resistant black paint, and Hooker's metallic-ceramic thermal-barrier coating.

Quote from company:
"Hooker Headers-the winningest header manufacturer in automotive drag racing history. When only the best will do!"


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