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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Headers

Christopher R. Phillip Apr 8, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Here's an easy quiz for VETTE readers:
Q: Why are headers a great bolt-on choice for Corvettes?
A: They produce more horsepower and torque than factory exhaust manifolds.
B: They create a more aggressive sound than factory exhaust manifolds.
C: They give your Corvette a custom, race-car look.

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No matter what your answer (and all of them are right), there's one thing for sure: headers go great with all Corvettes. That's why this month we're bringing you our "Official Guide to Corvette Headers."

The goal of a header is to improve exhaust-gas flow out of the engine. With the right headers and a well-matched exhaust system (VETTE, "Great Pipes," Aug. '09), you should be able to greatly reduce the exhaust-gas flow restrictions that prevent your Corvette from reaching its full horsepower and torque potential.

Because choosing a header system for your Corvette is a personal choice based upon numerous factors, we won't be favoring one of these manufacturers over the others. Instead, we'll list them all (half this month and half next month) and allow them to state their case. All that's left is for you to decide which of them is right for your car.

(800) 848-5850

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Brief description:
We offer 100 percent stainless-steel long-tube headers, with bolts, gaskets, O2 extension cables (if required), installation hardware, and triple-layer, stainless-steel gaskets. All EGR and AIR connections are in factory locations, our O2 bungs are designed for use with factory O2 sensors, and a color instruction manual is included for easy installation. Our C5 headers have 1.750-inch primary tubes and 3.00-inch collectors. When used with our 2.50-inch intermediate system, they provide a 30hp gain with a stock tune. Our C6 and C6/Z06 headers have 1.875-inch primary tubes and 3-inch collectors. When used with our 3-inch (Z06) intermediate systems, they provide a 16hp gain with a stock tune (more on tuned vehicles with additional hp boosters). Our headers provide an excellent torque curve that gives any Corvette owner great balance between low-end torque and higher-rpm horsepower.

We are known for our quality and consistency. Our prototyping and production processes provide an excellent fit every time. Installers, as well as customers throughout the U.S. and internationally, rave about the quality, consistent fit, ease of installation, and impressive performance.

Quote from company:
"For the best in fit, function, quality and performance, demand Dynatech's SuperMAXX."




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