C5 Climate-Control Light Repair - You (Don't) Light Up My Life

Repairing C5 Climate-Control Lights

James Miles Jun 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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As stated in last month's "Going Retro" article, I recently picked up my first C5-a fully loaded '02 coupe. As any new-to-you used-Corvette owner knows, the good and the bad sometimes go hand in hand. As such, I'll spend this month covering repairs to the car's Dual Climate Control. A true thing of wonder and comfort, this was one of those upgrades I was glad to see featured on my Corvette. But mine, like many of its vintage, was showing its age, with burned-out lights and a dim (and sometimes non-functional) main display. The easy answer to these issues is to send it to Corvette Central for service-but what about the handy DIY'er? For you (and for the curious), we present this quick overview of the magic that goes into this sort of repair.