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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Rear Wings And Spoilers

Christopher R. Phillip May 3, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Katech Performance
(586) 791-4120

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Brief description: Katech offers bolt-on rear spoilers that require no drilling to install. They're made from motorsports-quality carbon-fiber throughout and weigh only 1.5 pounds each. Featuring a glossy finish with UV protectant built in, Katech spoilers have provisions for the factory third brake light and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Trademark features: Our spoilers are wind-tunnel tested, and we include a copy of the wind-tunnel report with every spoiler purchase.

Quote From Company: "Katech's carbon-fiber rear spoiler is one part of a complete set of matched and wind-tunnel-tested, carbon-fiber aero parts for the C6 Z06, ZR1, and Grand Sport."

Mecham Design, Performance
(623) 486-3144

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Brief description: The DuMans High Down-Force Wing is an off-deck, full-function aerodynamic device worthy of its title. Not just an add-on, this rear wing is artfully and structurally crafted for the demands of the high-performance C5 platform. The contours and sideboards flow to the C5's form, creating a natural extension of the car's shape. The aero blade is curved to follow the C5's tail and features an aero shape that creates significant downforce, stabilizing the C5 at medium to very-high speeds. The swept-back stanchions are designed to provide excellent rear visibility while utilizing the clean air up off the rear deck. The DuMans wing complements the DuMans Extractor Hood in both appearance and function. It installs on Corvette coupe, hardtop, or convertible rear decks with four bolts bonded into the feet of the stanchions. Construction is hand-laid reinforced composite with a hollow blade and sideboards.

Trademark features: The DuMans Wing is a form-following-function design with ease of finish, installation, and functionality in mind. It generates significant downforce, provides the driver an excellent rear view, and complements the look of the Corvette.

Quote from company: "For the C5 owner who wants improved stability and a unique appearance. This one not only works, it looks like it was designed for the car."


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