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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Rear Wings And Spoilers

Christopher R. Phillip May 3, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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American Custom Industries
(800) 822-8020

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Brief description: American Custom Industries offers a variety of custom rear spoilers for '68-present Corvettes. These fiberglass spoilers range from the most subtle in styling to some of the more radical designs on the market today. Our proven hand-lamination process allows us to provide uniform thickness throughout our parts, resulting in the consistent quality and durable construction off of which we have built our reputation.

Trademark features: Since 1968, American Custom Industries (ACI) has strived to design and manufacture the best fiberglass Corvette parts in the world. All of our molds and parts are prototyped and developed by ACI in our in-house R&D department. All of our parts are manufactured on site from the highest-quality materials to provide our customers with the best product available. All products are hand-laminated by skilled professionals and inspected to ensure they will meet the expectations of our customers.

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Quote from company: "Styling with attitude!"

APR Performance Inc.
(909) 594-3796

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Brief description: Our Corvette rear-deck spoiler can be used alone or in conjunction with other aerodynamic components to improve the overall efficiency of your vehicle's aero package. Its benefits include reducing rear end lift, increasing downforce, and reducing drag when used with other aero components (i.e., rear wing, rear diffuser, and so on).

Trademark features: To start the manufacturing process, we use prepregnated carbon-fiber material, which gives more consistent resin saturation than a non-prepregnated material. The epoxy resin gives better part characteristics than other materials, which often shrink too much or don't hold together well. We "lay in" the amount of carbon-fiber layers the part design requires; then, once all the material is placed in the mold, we position a bladder inside and close the mold. The process cures the part inside the autoclave at a specified temperature, pressure, and duration. Each manufacturing step is carefully monitored to ensure a high-quality part with a beautiful finish.

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Quote from company: "APR's goal is to make sure you always receive a high-quality carbon-fiber product in the timely manner you deserve. Each product undergoes a thorough inspection to insure satisfactory fitment and function."


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