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Installing Hotchkis' C5 Sport Sway Bars

Jay Heath Apr 29, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Modern Corvettes are blessed from conception with track-tuned handling capabilities, but that doesn't mean their reflexes can't be further sharpened through the installation of a few well-chosen suspension upgrades. Our past forays in this area have tended to focus on all-encompassing packages designed for max-lat excursions on a road course, budgets, and driving manners be damned. This month, we've decided to take a look at a more measured approach to the suspension-tuning game, in the form of a set of high-performance sway bars.

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The benefits of upgraded sway bars are many, and include sharpened steering response, reduced body roll, and the ability to apply power sooner after corner exit. Best of all, there's usually no penalty in the area of day-to-day livability, making this a modification that's easy on the backside, as well as on the wallet. Sound like a winning combination? We thought so too, so when the opportunity arose recently to shadow the installation of Hotchkis' Sport Sway Bar Set on an '03 Z06, we jumped at the chance.

Assuming you have access to a lift and a decent set of tools, you should be able to replicate the job in an afternoon. And unlike pricier upgrades such as springs and coilovers, no post-install alignment is required, so you can be on the road enjoying your Vette's newfound dynamic prowess the same day. Follow along now as we take you through the process.


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