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BBK's LS1 Intake Upgrades Enliven A Noble C5 Warrior

Steve Temple Feb 9, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Given our tendency to accord editorial priority to the latest, most eye-popping performance gear, it's sometimes easy to forget just how effective a few basic, well-coordinated horsepower modifications can be. And while simple bolt-parts such as air filters and exhaust systems will never match the "wow" factor of a supercharger kit or a big-cube stroker engine, they're equally certain to be less injurious to your wallet.

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In our March issue, we followed the techs at BBK Performance as they installed a set of the company's long-tube headers on a C6 Corvette. Based on the success of that project-13 additional horses and 17 extra lb-ft of torque-we decided this month to take a closer look at a few of the items BBK offers for the induction side of an LS engine. These included an SSI (Single Stage Induction) aluminum intake manifold, an 80mm throttle body, and a cold-air intake for C5 Vettes.

Our test subject was an '00 six-speed coupe equipped with a lightly modified LS1 engine. The car's owner, Andrew McCulley, is a graphics-company owner and avid drag racer whose on-track accomplishments include a 2009 appearance on SPEED's hit show Pinks. As our lead photo attests, McCulley is also heavily involved in a charitable organization called "Fueled by the Fallen" (, which supports the families of service personnel injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Follow along now as BBK breathes new life into this inspirational dragstrip warrior.




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