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VETTE'S Official Guide To Aftermarket Corvette Hoods

Christopher R. Phillip Feb 9, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Eckler's Corvette Parts
(800) 327-4868

Brief description: We manufacture hand-laminated hoods in Titusville, Florida, and have GM Restoration hoods press-molded, made from GM tooling exclusively for Eckler's. All of our hoods include reinforcements that match the originals and preinstalled nut plates for easy bolting of hardware. We make high-rise hoods as well as original-looking styles.

Vemp_1005_02_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Eckler_corvette_hood 2/16

Trademark features: Our construction is three-layer fiberglass for strength, and every hood comes with a gray gelcoat finish, which can be sanded, primed, and painted once fitment is performed. Our press-molded hoods are just like what GM made when the C3 Corvette was being assembled at the plant. Our quality has not changed in 35 years of making hoods.

Quote From Company: "Eckler's is proud of the quality we build into our hoods, and we feel that we offer the best hoods available. Eckler's stands behind its products to fit properly and make your Corvette look as original or as custom as you want."

American Custom Industries (ACI)
(800) 822-8020

Brief Description: American Custom Industries offers a complete line of stock and custom hoods to fit '63 to present Corvettes. Our proven hand-lamination and vacuum-bagging process allow us to provide uniform thickness throughout parts, resulting in consistent quality and durable construction, off of which ACI has built our reputation. All of our hoods, custom and stock, accept factory hardware for installation.

Vemp_1005_03_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Aci_corvette_hood 3/16

Trademark Features: Since 1968, ACI has strived to design and manufacture the best fiberglass Corvette parts in the world. All of our molds and parts are prototyped and developed in our in-house R&D department; then our hoods are manufactured on site from the highest-quality materials, to provide our customers with the best product available. All of our products are hand-laminated by skilled professionals, with the exception of our C5 and C6 hoods, which are manufactured using a vacuum-bagging process.

Vemp_1005_04_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Classic_design_concepts_hood 4/16

Quote From Company: "Styling with attitude!"

Classic Design Concepts
(866) 624-7997

Brief description: Classic Design Concepts is proud to offer its ZR1-styled hood, available for any C6 Corvette. The hood is identical to the production ZR1 hood, both inside and out, but does not include the OEM supercharger window. It bolts on using all original hardware, and comes primed and ready for paint.

Vemp_1005_05_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Cdc_corvette_hood 5/16

Trademark features: Not your average fiberglass aftermarket hood, CDC's composite ZR1 hood is made using an OEM-level RTM process that ensures OE fit, finish, and construction quality. Classic Design Concepts stands behind its quality with an unprecedented three-year warranty.

Quote From Company: "Classic Design Concepts: Tiger Shark and ZR1 conversion parts for your C5 and C6 Corvettes."

Vemp_1005_06_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods C5_corvette_hood 6/16

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
(260) 724-2552

Brief description: Lingenfelter offers high-quality aftermarket hoods that are specifically designed to deliver the best fit on your C5 and C6 Corvette. Our lineup currently includes the following:

Vemp_1005_07_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Lingenfelter_corvette_hood 7/16

C5 Corvette Supercharger Hood by Starcraft '97-'04: specifically designed to have zero clearance problems with the Magnuson top-mount supercharger.C6 Corvette CES Hood by Starcraft: fits all '05-'10 Chevrolet Corvettes.


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