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VETTE'S Official Guide To Aftermarket Corvette Hoods

Christopher R. Phillip Feb 9, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Mecham Design, Performance
(623) 486-3144

Brief Description: The Mecham DuMans Multi-port Extractor Hood is a full-function hood utilizing dynamic, natural airflow to remove hot underhood air, while reducing front-end lift. This hood features an underhood plenum that feeds the extraction ports while properly directing drainage onto the ground, away from the engine and suspension. The DuMans styling is aggressive form following function, providing the driver with an exciting, unobstructed view. The hood is hand-laid composite construction with metal-reinforced attachment points, predrilled and tapped for easy bolt-on installation using OE hardware. Each extractor opening is screened with expanded aluminum.

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Trademark features: The DuMans hood features outstanding styling and function, excellent fitment, and hand-laid construction that is both stronger and lighter than typical methods.

Quote From Company: "The DuMans Multi-Extractor Hood is a unique, high-quality part for your C5 Corvette in the tradition of the C5-R victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans."

Extreme Dimensions, Inc.
(888) 611-2376

Brief Description: Extreme Dimensions offers hoods from both our Duraflex and Carbon Creations lines. Duraflex combines fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins to obtain its unique features and has a much higher durability rate than the average fiberglass product. This revolutionary product gives the consumer a premium fiberglass product at an affordable price. Carbon Creations carbon-fiber products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and are inspected by our quality-control team before leaving our facility. These products are designed to be as light as possible, while retaining durability and ensuring safety.

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Trademark Features: Duraflex: High-quality 6-oz. fiberglass, black primer finish, high-quality mesh grille, reduced-damage rate up to 75 percent.

Carbon Creations: 100 percent Grade-A carbon-fiber, UV coating protection, authenticity badge, maximum strength and durability, up to 70 percent lighter than OEM, one-year warranty.

Quote From Company: "Extreme Dimensions is a world-renowned automotive aerodynamic company headquartered in the United States. Through the years, we have surpassed industry standards by dedicating ourselves to excellent customer service. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we only manufacture high-quality fiberglass, carbon-fiber, and polyurethane composites. We stormed the industry with our hybrid DuraFlex fiberglass line, while our Carbon Creations line continued to set the standard in premium carbon-fiber aerodynamics. Extreme Dimensions distributes the most innovative and largest selection of aerodynamic products in the industry."


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