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Aftermarket Corvette Hoods - Hellacious Hoods

VETTE'S Official Guide To Aftermarket Corvette Hoods

Christopher R. Phillip Feb 9, 2010
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Do You Remember the first time you admired a custom hood on a Corvette? Maybe it was at a drag race, a car show, or even in a vintage issue of HOT ROD or VETTE magazine.

Regardless, it seems like Corvettes and custom hoods have always gone well together, and that philosophy has never been truer than it is today.

That's why we're bringing you our "Official Guide to Aftermarket Corvette Hoods." Advanced technologies allow aftermarket companies to offer Corvette hoods in a variety of materials-carbon-fiber, resin-transfer molds, fiberglass, and more. In addition to great style and looks, many of them will offer you dramatic improvements in downforce, engine-bay temperature, and weight, as compared to OE. Some will replace your damaged factory hood with an OE-style replacement that's as good as GM made when your Corvette was new, while others will sell you the style of a limited-edition factory hood (like the ZR1), that you wouldn't otherwise be able to purchase separately. There are even some that can provide you with the extra clearance you need to mount a supercharger (or other power adder) in your engine bay.

Because choosing the right hood for your Corvette is a personal choice, we didn't favor one of these manufacturers over the others. Instead, we listed them all and allowed them to state their case. All that's left is for you to decide is which of them is right for your car.

Advanced Composite Products, Inc. (ACP)
(800) 832-8624

Brief Description: C5 World Challenge (louvered extractor): Wind-tunnel developed, race proven, approved for the World Challenge Corvette, and proven to provide extra downforce and enhanced cooling.

Vemp_1005_01_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Acp_c3_hood 2/16

C5 Extractor: Developed to enhance cooling and downforce for the style-minded customer.

C5 Magna Extractor: If you need 31/2 inches of clearance to fit your Magnuson supercharger, this is the hood you need. It also provides extra downforce and cooling.

C5 Stinger: Designed and built for twin-turbo models, the NACA ducts bring the temps down on your turbochargers.

C5 Twin Tunnel Ram: This hood is developed with style and function in mind. It looks good and moves air, too.

C6 ACP World Challenge (louvered extractor): This wind-tunnel-developed hood is not only stylish, but it works to give substantial downforce and cooling to your C6 Corvette.

C6 Magna Extractor: Plenty of room for your Magnuson supercharger, along with cooling ducts that also enhance downforce.

Trademark Features: Our hoods are developed for fit, form, and function. They don't just look pretty, they enhance performance, cooling, and aerodynamic downforce. All ACP hoods are made from quality materials, are available in vacuum-bag-molded carbon-fiber or fiberglass, and are guaranteed against defects in workmanship.

Quote From Company: "Quality built in, starting with a functional design, finishing with a great fit and ease of installation."

Eckler's Corvette Parts
(800) 327-4868

Brief description: We manufacture hand-laminated hoods in Titusville, Florida, and have GM Restoration hoods press-molded, made from GM tooling exclusively for Eckler's. All of our hoods include reinforcements that match the originals and preinstalled nut plates for easy bolting of hardware. We make high-rise hoods as well as original-looking styles.

Vemp_1005_02_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Eckler_corvette_hood 3/16

Trademark features: Our construction is three-layer fiberglass for strength, and every hood comes with a gray gelcoat finish, which can be sanded, primed, and painted once fitment is performed. Our press-molded hoods are just like what GM made when the C3 Corvette was being assembled at the plant. Our quality has not changed in 35 years of making hoods.

Quote From Company: "Eckler's is proud of the quality we build into our hoods, and we feel that we offer the best hoods available. Eckler's stands behind its products to fit properly and make your Corvette look as original or as custom as you want."

American Custom Industries (ACI)
(800) 822-8020

Brief Description: American Custom Industries offers a complete line of stock and custom hoods to fit '63 to present Corvettes. Our proven hand-lamination and vacuum-bagging process allow us to provide uniform thickness throughout parts, resulting in consistent quality and durable construction, off of which ACI has built our reputation. All of our hoods, custom and stock, accept factory hardware for installation.

Vemp_1005_03_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Aci_corvette_hood 4/16

Trademark Features: Since 1968, ACI has strived to design and manufacture the best fiberglass Corvette parts in the world. All of our molds and parts are prototyped and developed in our in-house R&D department; then our hoods are manufactured on site from the highest-quality materials, to provide our customers with the best product available. All of our products are hand-laminated by skilled professionals, with the exception of our C5 and C6 hoods, which are manufactured using a vacuum-bagging process.

Vemp_1005_04_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Classic_design_concepts_hood 5/16

Quote From Company: "Styling with attitude!"

Classic Design Concepts
(866) 624-7997

Brief description: Classic Design Concepts is proud to offer its ZR1-styled hood, available for any C6 Corvette. The hood is identical to the production ZR1 hood, both inside and out, but does not include the OEM supercharger window. It bolts on using all original hardware, and comes primed and ready for paint.

Vemp_1005_05_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Cdc_corvette_hood 6/16

Trademark features: Not your average fiberglass aftermarket hood, CDC's composite ZR1 hood is made using an OEM-level RTM process that ensures OE fit, finish, and construction quality. Classic Design Concepts stands behind its quality with an unprecedented three-year warranty.

Quote From Company: "Classic Design Concepts: Tiger Shark and ZR1 conversion parts for your C5 and C6 Corvettes."

Vemp_1005_06_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods C5_corvette_hood 7/16

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
(260) 724-2552

Brief description: Lingenfelter offers high-quality aftermarket hoods that are specifically designed to deliver the best fit on your C5 and C6 Corvette. Our lineup currently includes the following:

Vemp_1005_07_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Lingenfelter_corvette_hood 8/16

C5 Corvette Supercharger Hood by Starcraft '97-'04: specifically designed to have zero clearance problems with the Magnuson top-mount supercharger.C6 Corvette CES Hood by Starcraft: fits all '05-'10 Chevrolet Corvettes.

C6 Corvette SV2 Supercharger Hood '05-'10: specifically designed to have zero clearance problems with the Magnuson top-mount supercharger and fits both M112 and M122 superchargers.

Vemp_1005_08_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Carbon_fiber_corvette_hood 9/16

C6 Corvette SV3 Supercharger Hood '05-'10: designed to have zero clearance problems with the Magnuson top-mount supercharger and fits both M112 and M122 superchargers.

Trademark features: Lingenfelter hoods feature a high-quality fiberglass construction that prevents them from feeling flimsy when you open or close them and have a smooth finish on the underside to allow for a finished look. These hoods carry a three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Quote From Company: "We pay careful attention to each hood we design in order to maintain correct bodylines and hood gaps, delivering the best-fitting aftermarket hood on the market."

RKSport, Inc.
(951) 894-7883

Brief Description: By starting from the original lines of the C5 hood and adding a distinctive, raised center section with a 2-inch kick at the end, RKSport has created the ultimate hood for any C5. This C5 Ram-Air Hood is the perfect blend of aggressive style and carbon-fiber with functional performance. All RKSport hoods are manufactured using the finest hand-laid materials to provide superior strength and durability.

Vemp_1005_09_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Rk_sport_corvette_hood 10/16

The RKSport C6 Ram Air Hood is a perfect blend of race car style with function. The C6 Ram Air Hood continues a smooth flow of the original body lines, while keeping the visual impact to a minimum. Each RKSport hood is manufactured using the finest hand-laid materials to provide superior strength and durability.

Trademark Features: We manufacture the hoods at our facility in Murrieta, California, and each part is shipped in gray gelcoat (or available with a carbon-fiber blister) and a smooth and finished underside. Our hoods do not require hoodpins to mount on your Corvette. RKSport offers a lifetime warranty on the construction of each and every hood.

Vemp_1005_10_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Rk_sport_carbon_fiber_corvette_hood 11/16

Quote From Company: "Our quality commitment starts with owner R.K. Smith, who won two World Challenge titles in a Corvette, in 1990 and 1992. RKSport is the 'Performance Styling Specialist.'"

VIS Racing Sports, Inc.
(626) 839 9833

Brief description: VIS carbon-fiber hoods are manufactured using a two-piece construction-carbon-fiber topside with a high-gloss finish, and a reinforced one-piece underside to ensure the integrity of the hood. All of our hoods have rolled edges and are protected with a UV coating, which allows the hoods to maintain their high-gloss finish.

Vemp_1005_11_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Vis_racing_corvette_hoods 12/16

Trademark features: Our Corvette SCV carbon-fiber hood features a 3-inch cowl. The vents are fully cut out with the mesh grille already pre-installed. It also features a rain guard, which can easily be removed to allow for heat extraction. Our hoods are manufactured with precision and accuracy, but also with performance in mind.

Quote From Company: "VIS Racing Sports has been at the forefront of automotive restyling since 1996. Our carbon-fiber products are number one in the industry, and their popularity can be seen on the streets as well as car shows alike. Our products can be seen in the car-enthusiast movie The Fast and the Furious."

Mecham Design, Performance
(623) 486-3144

Brief Description: The Mecham DuMans Multi-port Extractor Hood is a full-function hood utilizing dynamic, natural airflow to remove hot underhood air, while reducing front-end lift. This hood features an underhood plenum that feeds the extraction ports while properly directing drainage onto the ground, away from the engine and suspension. The DuMans styling is aggressive form following function, providing the driver with an exciting, unobstructed view. The hood is hand-laid composite construction with metal-reinforced attachment points, predrilled and tapped for easy bolt-on installation using OE hardware. Each extractor opening is screened with expanded aluminum.

Vemp_1005_12_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Mecham_corvette_hood 13/16

Trademark features: The DuMans hood features outstanding styling and function, excellent fitment, and hand-laid construction that is both stronger and lighter than typical methods.

Quote From Company: "The DuMans Multi-Extractor Hood is a unique, high-quality part for your C5 Corvette in the tradition of the C5-R victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans."

Extreme Dimensions, Inc.
(888) 611-2376

Brief Description: Extreme Dimensions offers hoods from both our Duraflex and Carbon Creations lines. Duraflex combines fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins to obtain its unique features and has a much higher durability rate than the average fiberglass product. This revolutionary product gives the consumer a premium fiberglass product at an affordable price. Carbon Creations carbon-fiber products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and are inspected by our quality-control team before leaving our facility. These products are designed to be as light as possible, while retaining durability and ensuring safety.

Vemp_1005_13_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Extreme_dimensions_corvette_hood 14/16

Trademark Features: Duraflex: High-quality 6-oz. fiberglass, black primer finish, high-quality mesh grille, reduced-damage rate up to 75 percent.

Carbon Creations: 100 percent Grade-A carbon-fiber, UV coating protection, authenticity badge, maximum strength and durability, up to 70 percent lighter than OEM, one-year warranty.

Quote From Company: "Extreme Dimensions is a world-renowned automotive aerodynamic company headquartered in the United States. Through the years, we have surpassed industry standards by dedicating ourselves to excellent customer service. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we only manufacture high-quality fiberglass, carbon-fiber, and polyurethane composites. We stormed the industry with our hybrid DuraFlex fiberglass line, while our Carbon Creations line continued to set the standard in premium carbon-fiber aerodynamics. Extreme Dimensions distributes the most innovative and largest selection of aerodynamic products in the industry."

Motor City Mold (MCM)
(419) 843-1719

Brief Description: Motor City Mold hoods, more commonly referred to in the Corvette community as MCM hoods, still leads in design and ease of installation. C5 and C6 Corvettes fitted with MCM hoods regularly place First in shows throughout the U.S. and are popular on the racetrack due to their light weight and contribution to increased speed. The signature, rear facing, functional vent exhausts excess heat as well as turbulent air that would normally travel under the car.

Vemp_1005_14_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Motor_city_mold_hood 15/16

Trademark Features: MCM vacuum-bagged composite hoods use high-grade carbon-fiber, resulting in a dimensionally and structurally sound part that saves between 6.5 and 10 pounds, depending on model. All versions of the MCM hoods are available with the center clearcoated, showing the carbon-fiber interior, a popular enhancement since the arrival of the ZR1, with its use of exposed carbon-fiber.

Quote From Company: "MCM: the most talked-about hoods on the Corvette Forum."

SLP Performance Parts
(732) 349-2109M

Brief Description: SLP offers a C6 composite hood with functional hoodscoop to fit '05-'10 Corvettes. This OEM-quality hood is manufactured using the same process that SLP used when manufacturing more than 52,000 Camaro SS, Firebird Firehawk, and Trans Am and Formula WS6 specialty-vehicle hoods for GM and its dealers. This aggressive, functional hoodscoop will set your Corvette apart from the rest.

Vemp_1005_15_o Aftermarket_corvette_hoods Slp_corvette_hoods 16/16

The hood is shipped to you or your body shop ready to prep, prime, and paint. All necessary hardware, detailed instructions, and a serial-numbered authenticity plate are included. (SLP will soon be releasing three ZR1-style hoods. Look for these products on our website.)

Trademark Features: OEM-quality composite material utilizing RTM (resin-transfer molding) process; OEM-style molded-in crush initiators; same weight as stock OEM hood; fully functional scoop forces cold air into the engine compartment, extracting unwanted heat; internal water-control system prevents rain and snow from getting onto critical engine components; a serial-numbered authenticity plate; coated inner-hood hardware with bumpstop receptacles; accepts factory inner-hood liner; easy, bolt-on installation requiring no modifications and maintaining all factory gaps; all hardware and installation instructions are included; one-year warranty covering materials and workmanship.

Quote From Company: "SLP manufacturers OEM-quality hoods that have subtle yet aggressive styling, safety, and performance benefits typically not found in aftermarket fiberglass hoods. They look as good as the fitment!"



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