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Vette's Official Guide To Corvettte Clutches

Christopher R. Phillip Mar 8, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Do You Offer Flywheels for Corvettes? Fidanza offers a range of lightweight aluminum flywheels separately. These are made from the highest-quality 6061 T6 aluminum, for superior strength, heat dissipation, and weight reduction. Steel flywheels, meanwhile, are crafted from 1050 billet steel, an incredibly strong high-carbon alloy. To further distinguish them from the competition, these flywheels are made with a replaceable 1050 billet-steel friction-surface plate to make them serviceable. Aerospace fasteners are used to secure the friction-plate insert, and Grade 8 button screws fasten the hardened ring gears.

Quote from Company: "From nearly stock options to product for drivers who desire a fully modified, track-ready race vehicle, Fidanza delivers a complete range of clutches and flywheels to serve today's enthusiasts."

Advanced Clutch Technology
(661) 940-7555

Brief Description: ACT recognizes that every driver and engine setup is unique, so a variety of complete clutch kits and flywheels are offered to match virtually any situation. ACT's complete clutch kits include a pressure plate, a disc, a release bearing, and, in most cases, a pilot bearing (or bushing) and alignment tool.

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Trademark Features: ACT pressure plates are manufactured from new units, not rebuilt from worn-out parts. We're one of the few clutch manufacturers who have the ability to design and produce diaphragms, and we use an exclusive four-stage heat-treat process for unparalleled performance. ACT street and race discs are manufactured in-house using premium materials and dedicated tooling equipment. We also use thicker retainer stampings and better hub materials for increased strength and reliability.

Do You Offer Flywheels for Corvettes? ACT offers one-piece, forged chrome-moly flywheels for the most popular applications. All our twin-disc clutch kits for C5 and C6 applications include a flywheel.

Quote from Company: "Extra steps are taken with virtually every ACT part to provide added value. Some of these steps include improved design, hardening on critical wear points, computer balancing, and SFI certification. ACT products not only outperform the competition, but outlast them as well. Rather than take shortcuts to cut cost, we insist on quality. ACT adds value that you may not initially notice, but will appreciate thousands of miles later."

Exedy Globalparts Corporation
(800) 346-6091

Brief Description: There are three units in the Exedy range of multi-plate Corvette clutch sets: the triple carbon (834 lb-ft), the twin cerametallic (574 lb-ft), and the new twin cerametallic (850 lb-ft). The new twin-cerametallic clutch set has a thicker friction surface area on the clutch disc to absorb and displace heat better. Friction-surface diameter has increased from 8 1/2 inches (215 mm) to 8 7/8 inches (225 mm).

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Unlike most other twin clutches in the market, which are lug driven and rattle during clutch disengagement (caused by the metal separator plates striking the drive-lug posts), our new twin-clutch set is a strap-driven unit, which does not have this rattle. The clutch-cover assembly design has been changed with more bolts holding the diaphragm spring for increased clamp-load stability.


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