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Vette's Official Guide To Corvettte Clutches

Christopher R. Phillip Mar 8, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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McLeod Clutches
(714) 630-2764

Brief Description: McLeod manufactures clutch parts for all Corvettes, from '53 to '10. We also offer SFI safety bellhousings for '55 through '88 models, as well as hydraulic throwout bearings for all Corvettes, including the C5 and C6. The most-popular clutch McLeod manufactures today is the RST dual-disc clutch, which is for the owner who has added more power to his Corvette but still desires a light pedal and smooth engagement.

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Trademark Features: McLeod has always believed in light pedal pressure when possible, and was the first aftermarket company to build a street dual-disc clutch, back in 1978. This technology has since become a clutch standard, with more new-car manufacturers using dual-disc units in today's muscle cars.

Do You Offer Flywheels for corvettes? McLeod makes both steel and aluminum flywheels for the Corvette. We also make a replacement for the dual-mass flywheel used in the '89-'96 models.

Quote from Company: "We are perhaps best known for our clutches. In fact, we're often referred to as 'the best known unknown clutch company in the business,' a statement we take as a compliment. Ask any respected engine, transmission, or race car builder. When it comes to which clutch they want or recommend, inevitably they ask for 'those red ones'-McLeod clutches!"

F1 Racing (Speed Solution International)
(562) 905-3233

Brief Description: F1 Racing clutch kits come with all major components, including a pressure plate, a performance clutch disc, a release bearing, a pilot bearing, and an alignment tool. Our staged clutch systems utilize a heavy-duty pressure plate paired with a performance-staged disc suited for different applications. These kits are the most economical solution for stock-to-moderately-modified vehicles.

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Trademark Features: F1 Racing staged clutch systems are a superior upgrade in performance and quality from other clutches in their class. They can be easily recognized by their distinctive blue pressure plates that feature a special single diaphragm to increase clamp load. They're manufactured with an induction-hardened diaphragm, CNC-machined castings, and stronger drive straps and rivets. They provide a smooth and precise feel with easy modulation.

All F1 Racing pressure plates are load-tested on a special testing tool for quality assurance. Our most popular performance/race disc is our six-puck copper ceramic, also known as MIBA. This disc features 12 high-coefficient friction pads that are resistant to slippage and ensure long-lasting life. The heavy-duty sprung center unit boasts heat-treated springs and retainer rivets for maximum power and durability. Torque capacity on this style setup for the C4 is 459 lb-ft, or 547 lb-ft for the C5. All F1 Racing clutch systems come with a 12-month or 12,000-mile manufacturer-defect warranty.


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