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Vette's Official Guide To Corvettte Clutches

Christopher R. Phillip Mar 8, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Do You Offer Flywheels for Corvettes? An F1 Racing lightweight chrome-moly flywheel is an excellent performance upgrade over a stock flywheel. It provides significantly improved throttle response and acceleration by enabling torque to be transmitted to the wheels faster. This flywheel can be resurfaced at a machine shop without having to purchase additional parts. The chromemoly-steel material allows for a high heat capacity and strength, preventing your clutch disc from overheating under extreme use. Special design features help enhance airflow to improve the cooling. All F1 Racing chrome-moly flywheels have passed engineering tests to 12,000 rpm. These are offered for the C5 model only. They also carry a 12-month or 12,000-mile manufacturer-defect warranty.

Quote from Company: "F1 Racing clutch-and-flywheel packages start at $425. Contact our sales department for more information on any of our setups. Group buy-ins will be considered for wholesale pricing. Contact our wholesale department with any questions regarding these opportunities."

(216) 688-8300

Brief Description: Hays clutches are backed by more than 50 years of developing, testing, and building clutches. This extensive experience can be seen in all of our high-performance Corvette clutch kits. Each kit is manufactured using premium materials and includes a pressure plate, a disc, a throwout bearing, and an alignment tool. Corvette clutches are available for street, street/strip, or all-out racing applications. We also manufacture billet-steel and aluminum flywheels for the ultimate horsepower-holding capability and street driveability.

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Trademark Features: Hays performance clutches for Corvettes are available with our street pressure plate, which exceeds OE specifications for material, construction, and performance. Our street/strip pressure plate features a ductile-iron friction ring and a belleville cone spring for quick releases and positive engagement, while maintaining light pedal pressure. Our clutch discs feature either an organic or a more aggressive, proprietary, woven friction material with a marcel backing for chatter-free smooth engagement and increased holding power. We also offer multi-disc adjustable clutches for custom racing applications. Each race clutch is made to order to your specifications.

Do You Offer Flywheels for Corvettes? Hays offers flywheels for small-block and big-block Chevrolet V-8s, as well as the popular LT1 and LS1 engines. Flywheels are available in billet steel or T6 aluminum and are SFI 1.1 approved. Our flywheels are also available made to order to your custom specifications.

Monster Clutch Co.
(817) 750-2000

Brief Description: Monster Clutch Co. offers more than six different clutches to fit the needs of all C5 and C6 Corvette owners. We have everything from a stock replacement to a twin-disc capable of handling more than 1,500 hp/lb-ft. Basic packages include a flywheel of your choice, a pilot bearing, an alignment tool, a clutch disc, a pressure plate, and a release bearing. Premium packages also include a slave cylinder.

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