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James Berry Dec 16, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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I have an '00 Corvette that I want to modify for racing only. My question is, What are the benefits of a custom-built or performance crate engine, as compared with modifying my existing powerplant?
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Great question. We contacted our friends at Katech and asked them how they build performance race engines. With 50 championships under their belt, they seem to have the process figured out.

Katech's engine builds begin with looking over the customer's needs and preparing a package that adheres to the rules of the sanctioning body involved. Once the build begins, special detail is given to bore, stroke, connection-rod length, number of cylinders, piston-top volume, deck height, cylinder-head chamber, head gasket, and so on. Then calculations are made for compression ratio, block height, and every other facet of the engine.

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Quality-control evaluations are performed at each phase of the build, and every component is tested for performance and durability. To this end, Katech has built motorized drive carts that can be configured to spin the water pump, oil pump, mechanical fuel pump, alternator, and other accessories.

With a wide range of performance crate engines available, Katech is sure to have at least one combination that suits your particular needs. And if you prefer to go for a custom build, the company will work with you to achieve your goals.

While top-quality performance crate engines are never cheap, the advantages of going this route are considerable. In the case of Katech and companies like it, experienced engineers have already done the research and development on every aspect of engine composition. This takes the guesswork out of the process, allowing you to concentrate on your racing adventures.

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