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BBK's New Long-Tube Headers Can Set Your C6's Blood Aboil

Jay Heath Dec 16, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Let's face it: Unless you oversee an international opium-smuggling ring or work for Goldman Sachs, chances are that the portion of your discretionary spending once devoted to Corvette modifications has lately been redirected to satisfy other, more pressing needs. Like food.

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Fortunately for those of us who don't possess uranium-plated Am Ex cards, the past year has also witnessed the release of several power-boosting upgrades conceived and developed with an eye toward affordability. Among those items are the BBK Performance C6 long tube headers and X crossover pipe, which join the company's existing C5 offerings to form a thoroughgoing lineup of reasonably priced speed gear for late-model Vettes.

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Having recently opened a sprawling, new East Coast base of operations in nearby Deland, Florida, the BBK crew was keen to highlight its latest Corvette offerings for us with an install-and-dyno session. Cast in the role of test subject was a mechanically stock LS3 convertible, making it an ideal platform for gauging the output-enhancing properties of the new exhaust gear. The following is an overview of the job, along with the results of our post-install dyno test.

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