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APR Performance Rear Spoiler for C6 Corvettes

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Dec 16, 2009
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Brute Awakening
Rockland Standard Gear (RSG) has just added to its Tranzilla line-up with an easy-and-much-needed-upgrade for Tremec TK0500 and TK0600 five-speed transmissions. RSG's new Tranzilla High RPM Synchro Rings are uniquely designed and coated to permit smoother shifts at a much higher rpm than stock synchros. Sold in sets of five, High RPM Synchro Rings will transform your gearbox, giving you the confidence to grab that next gear in the heat of competition. No more hung or missed shifts-just positive gear changes. Point your browser to for all the details.

Vemp_1003_01_o Apr_performance_rear_spoiler_for_c6_corvettes Tranzilla_high_rpm_synchro_rings 2/7

Launder Your Lug Nuts
Michael Wilson and Company has introduced the Corvette Lug Nut & Wheel Cleaning Brush, a nifty tool that makes short work of cleaning the lug nuts and wheel cavities on C5 and C6 Corvettes equipped with recessed-lug wheels. Simply slide the brush over the lug nut, add a little soap and water, and with a twist of the T-handle, these hard-to-reach areas will be sparkling clean. For more information or a list of retailers, email

Vemp_1003_02_o Apr_performance_rear_spoiler_for_c6_corvettes Lugnut_cleaning_brush 3/7

Conquer The Curves
Banski MotorSports has released a new rear-suspension package for C4 Corvettes. It's sold in three separate pieces: trailing arms, camber rods, and toe rods. The trailing-arm kit replaces the stock arms and bushings with a new aluminum-bodied arm and Teflon-lined, steel, spherical rod ends. The camber-rod kit uses a similar arm and eliminates the stock camber rods and cam bolts. The toe-rod kit replaces the entire stock assembly with a stainless-steel bracket for the differential carrier, stainless-steel adapters for the suspension knuckles, and the same type of arms used on the trailing-arm and camber-rod kits. All kits come with everything needed for mounting. Visit for all the details.

Vemp_1003_03_o Apr_performance_rear_spoiler_for_c6_corvettes Rear_suspension_package_for_c4_corvettes 4/7

To Protect And Serve
Mid America Motorworks' new Corvette Color Match Car Covers feature a fleece-like lining to protect paint surfaces and are made from a high-quality, UV-treated material for optimal solar protection. Breathable cloth shields your Corvette from harmful pollution, while allowing moisture to escape. More than 40 color options are available for the C5 and C6, along with five special-edition covers: '78 Pace Car, '78 25th Anniversary Edition, '82 Collectors Edition, '93 40th Anniversary Edition, and '96 Grand Sport. Each order also includes a complimentary color-matched storage bag. For more information, visit

Vemp_1003_04_o Apr_performance_rear_spoiler_for_c6_corvettes Yellow_corvette_cover 5/7

Carbon-Fiber Callout
East Coast Corvette now offers the new APR Performance Rear Spoiler for C6 Corvettes, including Z06 and Grand Sport models. It's made using the pre-preg carbon-fiber manufacturing process, in which it is vacuum-bagged and formed inside an autoclave at high temperatures. Then, it's coated in UV-stable clearcoat for fade-resistance under the sun. Best of all, this spoiler helps balance the Corvette's aerodynamics when used with the APR Performance Front Air Dam (sold separately). For more info, go to

Vemp_1003_05_o Apr_performance_rear_spoiler_for_c6_corvettes Carbon_fiber 6/7

Man Vs. Curb, You Win
If you're tired of those dreaded parking curbs creating scratch lines on your Corvette's front end, the Parking Assist could be the perfect item for you. It mounts on the bottom of your Vette's front fascia or spoiler (no drilling required) and prevents curbs from coming into contact with your vehicle. Two per car are recommended. For more information, call Film Cars at (800) 394-3456.

Vemp_1003_06_o Apr_performance_rear_spoiler_for_c6_corvettes Antenna 7/7



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