MSD Ignition System - High Voltage

Project C3 Triple Ex Gets A Modern Electronic Ignition System

Dave Young Nov 12, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Installing new ignition components isn't too tough for a mechanic or enthusiast with average mechanical skills, but if you're unsure about the job, we suggest thoroughly reading MSD's detailed instructions before you get started. We've done this kind of work before and had all our MSD components installed in less than a day, but taken at a more leisurely pace, we'd consider the job an easy weekend project. Though we didn't see a huge improvement at the dragstrip, our elapsed times did improve. More noticeably, the car starts instantly, runs smoother, and revs freely, making it even more fun to drive. Most importantly, if a drivetrain component ever breaks, or in the unlikely event we ever miss a shift, the engine will be protected by the built-in rev limiter.

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