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My 08 coupe is giving me a "FOB NOT FOUND" message and won't start at times. After about a week of phone calls, wrecker tows, and a few trips to the dealership, no one could locate any problems. Then, a few days later, I found myself locked inside the car and couldn't get out. In a panic I tried to use the OnStar, but it wouldn't work. I called OnStar on my cell phone, and they couldn't even locate my Corvette. I eventually called the dealership, and they reminded me about the manual door release on the floor. What's wrong with this car? Stanley Via the Internet

The keyless entry system on your new Corvette allows you to enter your vehicle by simply walking up to the door and pressing the door handle with the key fob in your pocket or purse. If the vehicle recognizes your fob, the door will unlock. Once inside, all you have to do is apply the brake pedal and push the start button, and your car will start. It's a wonderful concept, but with the added convenience come some inherent problems.

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The keyless access operates on a radio frequency. What you're experiencing is interference from one of the devices in your car. Normally, this is caused by your Global Positioning System, or GPS. Other devices that can cause problems are cell-phone chargers, power inverters, and computers. GM has issued a Technical Service Bulletin-TSB 08-08-47-001-that covers this problem on '05-'08 Corvettes.

The following is a simple way to troubleshoot the problem:
• Turn on the device that may be causing the interference.
• Put your fob near the device and press the Start button.
• If the DIC displays a "NO FOB DETECTED" message, that device is most likely the cause of the problem.
• Turn off the suspected device and press the Start button.
• If the "NO FOB DETECTED" message is not displayed, you've found the culprit.

If the first device is not at fault, repeat the process for all other possible sources of interference.

While we're on the subject, we should mention a few other fob problems that can occur with the '05-'08 models. Some owners have reported hearing a chiming when exiting the car, indicating that there's a fob inside, even when there isn't. Other owners have heard the fob reminder (three horn honks) when exiting the vehicle with the fob. A last concern is the occasional "NO FOB DETECTED" message on the DIC when no other problems can be found.

If you're experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you probably need to have the RCDLR (Remote Control Door Lock Receiver) module reprogrammed. The problem is that the RCDLR isn't sensing that the fob has left the car, hence the chimes and honks. Updated software will enhance the module's zone coverage and also add a two-second delay after the door closes before it checks for the fob in the interior. Your dealer should have the updated software. For the '05-'07 models, use software version 25927325; for '08s, use version 25927326.

If that's not enough fob trouble for you, there's also a customer-satisfaction campaign that addresses a defective module. This bulletin is No. 07260A, and it only affects '08 models with VINs between 85105302 and 85106987. A letter should have been sent to all owners whose vehicles were impacted.

If you're receiving the "NO FOB DETECTED" message and need to start the car, try moving the fob to different locations in the vehicle. You can also trying placing it in the fob pocket (located in the glove compart-ment) with the buttons facing to the right, and pressing the Start button. Good luck.




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