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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Cold-Air Intake Kits

Christopher R. Phillip Oct 21, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Ram Air Specialists
(281) 373-0000

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Brief Description: Our ram-air intake system is designed to optimize the intake design of the C6 Corvette. Test results show 35 percent more airflow than the factory intake system. Chassis-dyno tests indicate 15 rwhp on a stock LS2. In our testing, dragstrip times dropped by a full 0.4 second, and top speed increased by 4-5 mph.

Trademark Features: The system is designed with rotational-molded and injection-molded high-impact polymers, along with all stainless hardware. By using quality workmanship and premium components, our ram-air intake is an OEM-grade product, and yet it's approximately half the cost of some of our competitors' systems.

Quote from Company: "We set out with a simple goal of making as much power as possible for a reasonable price. This results in the customer getting the most horsepower per dollar invested, or, as some say, 'bang for the buck.'"

Sonic Vette

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Brief Description: The state-of-the-art Hurricane forced-air-induction system is the best all-around system available. Designed to bring the cool outside air in, the Hurricane is engineered with custom intake scoops that virtually eliminate the possibility of ingesting water, while providing superior cool airflow.

Trademark Features: Carbon-fiber construction, lifetime filter warranty, up to 35hp increase, near-zero water ingestion, free lifetime cleaner and oil.

Quote from Company: "Dollar for dollar, the safest, most efficient horsepower-producing system available."


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