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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Cold-Air Intake Kits

Christopher R. Phillip Oct 21, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Volant Cool Air Intakes
(909) 476-7225

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Brief Description: Volant has a true, sealed cold-air intake system that shields out engine heat and takes in cool ambient air from below the fan shroud and behind the fog lamps. The cold airbox holds more air for immediate throttle response and incorporates Volant's five-layer Pro-5 cotton/gauze filter element. The result is cleaner, cooler air that increases the horsepower of your engine. The Volant intake fits standard, Z06, and ZR1 model '08-'09 Corvettes.

Trademark Features: Our intake's polyethylene construction is impervious to moisture, oil, and gasoline. Unlike most of the competitors, Volant's air intake looks like an OEM piece and includes cold-air ducts that let ambient air into the intake, sealing out engine heat.

Quote from Company: "Volant is the original sealed cold-air intake system that eliminates hot air and moisture from contaminating your air-filter element."

Zip Products, Inc.
(800) 962-9632

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Brief Description: Zip Products is proud to release the Mamba Air Intake System. It's manufactured right here in the USA, with the exact same process used to create chassis, bodies, and other components for today's Formula 1, Champ Car, Daytona Prototype, and NASCAR teams. Beyond its intimidating great looks, every inch of this system has been designed to squeeze out as much air and create as much power as possible. Its beautiful, sleek design flows a tremendous amount of air into your engine without setting off any "check engine" lights. Even the Mamba's filter has a unique and revolutionary design that allows far more air to flow in a smaller space, as compared with traditional-style filters.

Trademark Features: The Mamba is currently the only air intake made out of 100 percent 2x2 twill carbon-fiber and cured in an autoclave. It generates a 20-plus-rwhp improvement over stock (even more when utilizing the Mamba's Carbon Fiber Fresh Air Scoop).

Quote from Company: "The finest CAI on the market. It took three years to complete this project, but we achieved what we set out to. The intake appears factory until you take a second look, and it functions so well that we had to go back to the dyno on several occasions just to believe the results it was producing."

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