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Want To Build An 11-Second C4 The Right Way? One Reader Shows You How

William Wolfe Aug 2, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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I replaced the 24-pound LT1 injectors with 32-pound units and upped the fuel pressure from 47 to 55 psi. Pulse width is now 18 milliseconds at WOT at a 13:1 AFR. (Interestingly, I flow-tested all eight injectors and discovered a 36-pound unit in the box, proving you can't leave any details to chance.) The 18-millisecond pulse works perfectly for a 6,500 rpm redline, but to rev any higher would require larger injectors.

The Vette also lost more than 100 pounds of front-end weight during this project, thanks to the removal of the stock catalytic converters, the air pump, and the EGR. Replacing the dual-mass flywheel, the cast-iron headers, and the front pulley with lightweight components also helped. I even removed the spare tire, lightening the rear by 32 pounds. Carrying 10 gallons of fuel, the car weighs 1,560 pounds at the rear and 1,660 pounds at the front, for a total of 3,220 pounds. Remember: removing weight from a car is as good as adding horsepower.

With the exception of the machine shop, I performed all the work on this project myself. My goal of breaking into the 11-second range was exceeded, with a best time of 11.721 seconds at 119.21 mph. The sound at idle is impressive, and with the aluminum flywheel the motor revs up almost instantly. On a cool day the car will engage the traction control in Third gear at 75 mph any time the gas is floored. The only way to get any decent traction in First or Second is to first heat up the Goodyear tires. There are no rough spots in the power band, and the engine will pull smoothly from 1,600 rpm. That slam-you-into-the-seat, raise-the-front-end feeling is backed up by the readings on the G Meter: the Vette has hit 0.74g in First, 0.59g in Second, and 0.45g in Third.

I take my car out almost every weekend when the weather is nice and enjoy showing it off at car shows. My dream of owning a Vette roadster has been fulfilled, and all my expectations exceeded. This car was not meant to stay in the garage-it was built to be driven.




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