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Vette's Official Guide To Cold-Air Intake Kits Part 1: Manufacturers A-L

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Corvette America
(800) 458-3475

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Brief Description
Our new Dual-Aluminum Air Intake looks good under the hood and is a tried-and-true method for gaining horsepower without major modifications. The twin high-volume air filters and merged 3.5-inch polished-aluminum tubes greatly increase airflow. The reusable filters feature chromed-end caps and are easy to remove for cleaning.

Trademark Features
Polished-aluminum construction

Quote From Company
"High quality, good looks, and affordable prices."

LG Motorsports
(972) 429-1963

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Brief Description
Our C6 LS3/LS7 cold-air systems feature a large, washable filter element and a clearcoated carbon-fiber air-bridge assembly. These units retain the factory MAF sensors. (We also offer 100 percent carbon-fiber bridge assemblies for C5 and early C6 cars, as well as a number of entry-level inductions for early-model C5s.)

Trademark Features
Our cold-air systems are 100 percent carbon-fiber, making them high-tech looking and lightweight too. They use a high-quality washable filter element for high flow and long life. Bolt on a dyno-proven 16 rwhp with our carbon-fiber intakes.

Quote From Company
"LG Motorsports, your Number 1 source for Corvette Performance."

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