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Vette's Official Guide To Cold-Air Intake Kits Part 1: Manufacturers A-L

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K&N Engineering, Inc.
(800) 858-3333

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Brief Description
K&N replaces the Corvette's original intake assembly-including the airbox, air filter, and intake tube-with an all-new intake design. Air is drawn through a large K&N High-Flow Air Filter that increases airflow and never needs to be replaced. As it passes the filter, air travels through a larger-diameter rotomolded polyethylene tube that is specifically shaped to drive a more laminar flow of air to the car's engine.

Trademark Features
Guaranteed horsepower, improved throttle response, can be installed in 90 minutes or less, K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty

Quote From Company
"The K&N High-Flow Intake System increases horsepower by 11.1 hp at 4,700 rpm over the stock intake configuration (tested on a C5 Corvette)."

Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS)
(805) 486-6644

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Brief Description
GMS is the creator of the Dual Cone Cold Air Induction system for the C5. This system improves mileage and throttle response, adds 15-16 hp to your engine's output, and is a direct OEM replacement. Our Cold-Air Intake with Ram Air Box system for the C6, meanwhile, increases horsepower and torque by way of better breathing. It gives a great, throaty sound under hard acceleration, yet it's silent at cruise speeds.

Trademark Features
The C5 system includes a high-performance air bridge, two open-element washable filters, and all necessary hardware. The C6 system uses a high-flow flat-panel filter measuring 14x19 inches, with a pleat depth of 1.5 inches. Both systems work with factory ECM settings, meaning no custom tuning is needed. After installation, less throttle angle is needed to achieve the same speed, so mpg increases based upon driving habits. Each system installs in approximately 10-15 minutes using basic hand tools (no cutting or modifications required).

Quote From Company
"The Granatelli name has been associated with speed for more than 70 years. GMS spends countless hours performing engineering evaluations and precision testing to ensure its customers receive innovative products and advanced automotive solutions."

Halltech Systems, LLC
(262) 965-4300

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Brief Description
Our induction system comes with a black or red cross-linked, polyethylene/nylon 66, 102mm MAF housing as an integrated part of the intake bridge. The impact- and heat-resistant nylon is 30-percent glass impregnated for strength and durability where it counts. The Halltech Beehive Ram Air Shroud and hood seal offer cold-air retention for lower intake air temps while idling and a ram-air effect when moving. (Our testing indicated a 40-50-degree [F] cooler IAT at a one-minute idle with the Beehive in place.) Cutting the radiator shroud is necessary on the C6 LS3, but not on the Z06. Ram Air requires two additional ports in the radiator shroud.

Trademark Features
* ISO 5011-certified filter media
* 12 hp/9 lb-ft torque gain over stock without tuning or Beehive shroud
* 15 hp with Beehive, not including ram-air benefit
* 25-30hp gain with LSXR intake manifold
* Warranty safe
* No chance of hydrolock, since our system locates the filter in the stock location
* 102mm nylon 66 MAF housing matches the new LSXR intake manifold and Williams Performance 102mm throttle body

Quote From Company
"Halltech's Killer Beehive Ram Air Induction System Package is the ultimate ram-air induction system for the LS3/LS7."


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