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Vette's Official Guide To Cold-Air Intake Kits Part 1: Manufacturers A-L

Christopher R. Phillip Dec 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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What was the first modification you made to your late-model Corvette? If you said, "a cold-air intake," you're not alone. Cold-air intakes (CAI) offer a simple, affordable means of improving your Vette's output by increasing the amount of cool, dense air flowing into the engine. And unlike permanent changes to the motor itself, a CAI shouldn't affect your factory warranty, and it can easily be removed if you decide to sell the car.

While the principle of cold-air induction will work on any generation Corvette, the aftermarket has focused the majority of its attention on systems for the '97-'10 C5 and C6. (Owners of earlier-generation Vettes may elect to build custom CAIs to accomplish their goals.) Our official guide to Corvette CAIs will help you select the one best suited to your car-and your budget.

Because choosing a CAI is based upon a number of variables-such as engine type, current level of modification, planned mods, and appearance-we didn't favor one of these manufacturers over the others. Instead, we listed them all (half this month and half next month) and allowed them to state their case. All that's left is for you to decide is which one is right for your Corvette.

AFE - Advanced Flow Engineering
(951) 493-7155

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Brief Description
aFe cold-air intakes are designed to maximize air volume and velocity and produce maximum horsepower and torque. Our C5 intake, for example, made 24 additional hp and 29 lb-ft of torque.

Trademark Features
All of our intakes include a huge air filter and a contoured, rotomolded plastic intake tube. They're available with our Pro 5R air filter for maximum airflow or our new Pro Dry S air filter for maximum convenience. All aFe products have complete engineering tests results including dyno and flow data.

Quote From Company
"aFe products are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA by degreed engineers. Our goal is to design the highest-quality intakes and performance products on the market. We back up all of our products with real test results, but the real test is in the smile you will have from having installed an aFe product."

Airaid Filter Company
(800) 498-6951

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Brief Description
Airaid intakes for the Corvette are new from front to back. Starting up front is our huge, premium air filter that flows more air than your car will ever need. Next is a computer-designed and flow-bench-tested inlet tube with a large oval inlet that keeps fresh air moving through to the throttle body with no restrictions. Perhaps the strongest and most unique feature of these new Corvette kits is Airaid's exclusive Cold Air Dam that is designed to keep more cold air flowing through to the filter.

Trademark Features
True bolt-on performance, no cutting or drilling required, no tuning required, lifetime "No-Hassle" warranty, and they're made in the USA.

Quote From Company
"For performance that is second to none, give your Corvette a shot of cold-air adrenaline using an Airaid cold-air intake system designed specifically for the Corvette LSX engines!"




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