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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Suspension Kits And Components

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Doug Rippie Motorsports
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Brief Description
DRM offers a full line of suspension kits, components, and installations to suit individual Corvette suspension needs. DRM's '89-'09 Xtra-Grip suspension kit is a coilover-shock conversion that completely removes the leaf springs and the "crosstalk" associated with them. DRM also offers a full range of Bilstein Sport shocks, including our popular C6Z application. Mono-ball control-arm bushing kits completely remove all the unwanted play in the Corvette suspension, while custom-made DRM chassis-stiffener bars significantly reduce chassis flex and increase cornering capabilities and maneuverability. DRM also offers high-performance sway bars for '89-'09 Corvettes.

All of the above kits and parts are available by mail order or with DRM expert installation, which includes corner weighting and alignment for track and street use.

Trademark Features
DRM has chosen high-quality, durable components to create top-of-the-line, dependable suspension-kit packages. All of DRM's coilover and sport shock kits start from Bilstein shock absorbers. DRM also employs Hyperco springs, which have proven to be consistent, even after years of harsh racing use.

If the shocks and springs are the meat and potatoes of DRM's Xtra-grip kit, then the mounts and valving are the dessert. DRM incorporates aircraft-quality materials in the construction of custom mounts. They're designed to offer a full range of motion and quiet operation, and are made in the USA. The valving in our suspension kits has been bred from on-track, street, and skidpad testing to provide a balanced, confidence-inspiring driving experience. This, in conjunction with Bilstein's rising-rate, digressive, working piston, eliminates the need for adjustable shocks. DRM has combined these quality components together to produce a kit that transforms the handling of your Corvette.

Quote From Company
"DRM has been providing 'race-car performance for the street' since 1991, with racing roots back to 1970. All suspension kits have been tested and proven on the street and track by professional engineers and drivers. Experience, quality, and excellent customer service make DRM the choice for your Corvette suspension needs."

Dragvette Products
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Brief Description
The Dragvette Suspension System changes the geometry of the '63-'82 Corvette by repositioning the mounting location of the lower strut bar and adding a top strut bar of equal length. This allows you to set your camber at zero, keeping the tire perfectly straight up and down throughout the range of your suspension travel. This makes for a larger tire contact area that optimizes traction under any conditions. The top link also supports the Corvette's weight (the stock configuration places the weight on the differential side yoke); this takes stress off of one of the weakest components in the Corvette's suspension. The result is awesome traction and greater parts reliability.

Trademark Features
All parts are CNC machined. The Heim joints are the strongest available units with Teflon-lined bearing surfaces, the cadmium-plated strut tubes are heavy walled, and all the bolts are Grade 8. All washers are stainless steel, and aluminum is used for weight reduction whenever possible. The construction includes two pairs of safety loops and a cover girdle for added strength.

Quote From Company
"A Dragvette 6-Link Suspension System will make your Corvette a triple threat with great street manners, awesome autocross handling, and brutal bite at the dragstrip."


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