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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Suspension Kits And Components

Christopher R. Phillip Oct 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Jim Meyer Racing Products
(541) 994-7717

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Brief Description
Revitalize any C1 Corvette with the sports-car handling, stopping, and steering it deserves. Our bolt-in crossmember replaces the stock piece and uses the factory holes. It features tubular upper and lower control arms, coilover shocks, rack-and-pinion steering, and 11-inch GM disc brakes. Our options and adjustability make this a perfect match for any enthusiast. We offer track-width options, a choice of power or manual steering, and ride-height adjustability that sets industry standards. Our fully adjustable upper control arms allow you to tune your ride at any alignment shop, while replacement parts are available over most auto-parts counters, so you'll never be left stranded.

If you have a C2 or C3, check out our performance handling packages. They feature an improved suspension and steering geometry that will make your car the envy of your friends. Urethane-bushed upper and lower tubular control arms, with the aid of coilover shocks, will bring your Corvette into the 21st century of performance. The adjustable front coilover shocks and adjustable rear shocks allow you to dial in the ride of your dreams, while the 1-inch front and 7/8-inch rear antisway bars keep you glued to the pavement.

Trademark Features
Our bolt-in crossmember is constructed of 2x4x0.188-inch-wall tubing, features Grade 8-plated mounting hardware, and uses the factory mounting holes. The 1x0.156-inch-wall tubular lower control arms use GM press-in ball joints, while the upper 0.875x0.156-inch-wall tubular upper control arms use GM bolt-in ball joints.

Quote From Company
"If you're not satisfied with the quality or craftsmanship of any Jim Meyer Racing Products component, send it back for a refund. In over 32 years, no one has."

Koni North America
(859) 586-4100

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Brief Description
Koni, the world leader in performance-shock-absorber technology, offers a range of high-performance shock absorbers for Corvettes from '63 through '09. From the adjustable red Koni Special shocks for the C2, C3, and C4 Corvettes to the yellow Koni Sport and gold Koni Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) units, Koni has a damper solution for your needs. Whether your Corvette is a restoration, a daily driver, a weekend toy, or a track terror, Koni offers Corvette owners improved handling and corner control, as well as superior comfort and ride quality.

Trademark Features
Koni's new patented FSD for the C5 and C6 models is the latest development in shock-absorber technology, featuring a revolutionary design that unites the benefits of taut body-motion control and a smooth ride into one shock absorber. FSD is at its best when the road surface is at its worst, offering improved ride quality, handling balance, and grip, along with reduced rough-road and impact harshness.

Koni Sport shocks for the C4, C5, and C6 focus on exceptional road-holding and handling properties, combined with a level of comfort that results in a direct feel and excellent wheel-road contact. The adjustable-rebound damping offers the opportunity to further fine-tune a Corvette to a driver's preferences, as well as to work best with other Corvette upgrades such as wheels and tires, springs, amd more.

Quote From Company
"Although Koni shocks have been making Corvettes ride and handle better for over 50 years, we have recently focused on refining the performance and handling of the C5 and C6 chassis in both the standard and Z06 forms. These cars are so capable in so many ways, but by applying Koni's damping technologies, we can take the performance to a higher level."


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