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Corvette Performance Parts - Product Preview

Sep 1, 2009
Vemp_0909_01_z Corvette_product_preview Big_block_chevy_cylinder_head 2/7

Light Headed
Racing Head Service (RHS) has designed a 24-degree, CNC-ported big-block Chevy cylinder head that features multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust-valve seats for up to 5 percent more airflow and increased horsepower. A thick deck surface allows these heads to be angle milled and provides increased rigidity to improve head-gasket retention in boosted and nitrous applications. The best features, however, are the CNC-ported intake and exhaust runners for optimal air volume, atomization, and velocity. The heads are available with either a 339cc or 376cc runner volume and a 121cc combustion chamber. For more information, visit

Vemp_0909_02_z Corvette_product_preview Super_twin_clutch 3/7

Engagement Time
SPEC has introduced its Super Twin clutch for street- and track-driven LS9 Corvette ZR1s. The Super Twin offers near-stock driveability, tremendous life expectancy, bolt-in installation with no shimming or setup needed, and maintenance-free operation. It's constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and high-carbon billet steel milled to an industry-leading 0.001 inch for perfect balance and actuation. Torque capacities of nearly 1,700 lb-ft are possible, depending on disc options. For more info, point your browser to

Vemp_0909_03_z Corvette_product_preview Spark_plug_wire_shields 4/7

Help Me, I'm Melting
Volunteer Vette Products now offers reproductions of the V-shaped spark-plug-wire shields that originally came on '70-'74 Corvettes (and are functional replacements for the '75-'79 models). Long discontinued by GM, these pieces will prevent you from melting your plug wires every time you drive your Vette. They're available for both the driver (LH) and passenger (RH) sides and are sold individually. Check out for more info.

Vemp_0909_05_z Corvette_product_preview Rear_end_kits 5/7

Proper Rearing
Jim Meyer Racing Products' new '53-'62 rearend kit is compatible with any first-generation Corvette. It includes a brand-new 9-inch housing with Dutchman alloy axles, bearings, and seals; a Strange 9-inch nodular-iron or aluminum third-member case with any gears; any-size pinion flange; any Posi unit; Wilwood 12.1 9-inch rotors and 4-piston calipers (with parking brake); stainless, braided brake hoses; a coilover spanner wrench; a 7/8-inch formed antisway bar; and a complete set of Grade 8 fasteners and instructions. The kit places the new housing in the original location for a stock appearance and retains the factory wheel-bolt pattern and driveshaft for an easy installation. Check out for all the details.

Vemp_0909_04_z Corvette_product_preview Wheel_polishing_tool 6/7

Spin Your Shine
Black Magic says its Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool is the perfect wheel-detailing accessory. It attaches to a variable-speed cordless drill and is designed to polish your whole wheel-corners and all-in just minutes. Features include an absorbent foam construct wrapped in gentle microfiber, so you know only the softest, safest material is touching your rims. A flip-down handle allows you to polish exactly where you want. Visit for more details.

Vemp_0909_06_z Corvette_product_preview Air_fuel_gauge_kit 7/7

Read Your Ratio
FAST's wide-band air/fuel-gauge kit combines a fast, accurate 21/16-inch gauge; a Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor; and a stand-alone sensor-control unit-all in an easy-to-use package. The compact gauge can be mounted in the interior of any Corvette, is backlit for easy night viewing, and can be wired to operate whenever the engine is running. Use it for serious power tuning at the track, or simply to monitor your engine's overall fuel tune during daily driving. For more information, go to



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