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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Brakes

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Wilwood Engineering
(805) 388-1188

Brief Description
Wilwood offers the aftermarket's most extensive line of custom and competition brake kits for '63-'82 and '88-'09 Corvettes.

For the '63-'64 models, a front-disc conversion using four-piston Dynalite calipers with 11.75-inch rotors can be optioned for street, strip, or show. Direct replacement D8-4 caliper kits for the '65-'82 models use stainless steel pistons with modern seals in a forged billet-aluminum body to reduce weight and end the leaking and corrosion issues inherent in the OE cast-iron design.

In the big-brake categories, our front kits with Billet Superlite six-piston calipers are coupled with 13- or 14-inch rotors for all '65-'82 models and '88 and later C4s, C5s, and C6s. Matching rear kits with Billet Superlite four-piston calipers retain the original internal parking brake and are available for the '65-'82 and all '97 and newer models. Wilwood ProMatrix pad-and-rotor upgrade kits for the '88-'96 model C4 rears retain the use of the OE parking-brake caliper.

Topping the big-brake list are two kits featuring W6AR six-piston calipers and 14.25-inch rotors, with options for professional road-course competition or the ultimate in big-brake style on all '97 and newer Corvettes.

Trademark Features
For more than three decades, Wilwood Engineering has been recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialty brake products for motorsports and industry. Wilwood disc brakes are more than mere adaptations of commonly available automotive components. Rather, they're specifically application designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in-house using this legacy of experience and manufacturing expertise. They deliver championship performance at the highest levels of motorsports and provide the ultimate in style to the most discriminating enthusiasts.

Quote From The Company
"Wilwood offers more than 800 high-performance brake kits--with additional options for calipers, rotors, and brake-pad materials--to satisfy the stopping and style requirements of more than 2,800 vehicle applications."

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West Coast Corvettes(888)

Brief Description
Our kit offers red, six-piston GM front calipers; red, four-piston GM rear calipers; 14-inch GM cross-drilled front rotors; 13.4-inch GM cross-drilled rear rotors; front and rear Hawk HP ceramic brake pads; a front and rear stainless steel braided brake-line set; and five pints of Motul racing brake fluid.

Trademark Features
Our kit gives increased safety and confidence; 110-foot stopping power from 60 mph; direct bolt-on installation; a beautiful Z06 look and feel; and unsurpassed quality utilizing GM, Hawk, and Motul products.

Quote From The Company
"This is by far the best bang-for-the-buck when it comes to braking, and it's a must-have for anyone doing performance modifications. Get the look and performance of a $6,000 brake package at a fraction of the cost."


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