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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Brakes

Christopher R. Phillip Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Superior Automotive
(888) 697-8264

Brief DescriptionSuperior offers a complete front and rear disc-brake conversion for '53-'82 Corvettes. This kit includes 13-inch, drilled-and-slotted front rotors; 12-inch, drilled-and-slotted rear rotors; four-piston KH-style calipers; mounting brackets; and all necessary hardware. In addition, it comes with a 9-inch, AC Delco-style power-brake booster, master cylinder, and proportioning valve. It requires the use of 17-inch or larger wheels.

Trademark Features
The greatest thing about our brake kit is that it's made especially for the Corvette. You don't have to change tie-rod ends or spindles. In fact, you don't even have to have the car aligned. This is truly a bolt-on kit for classic Corvettes. It's surprisingly easy to install and makes a remarkable difference in braking ability.

Quote from the Company
"We are excited and proud to offer what we think is one of the best, most competitively priced high-performance Corvette brake kits on the market today."

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Callaway Cars
(860) 434-9002

Brief Description
Callaway LeMans Brake Kits are available in iron or carbon-ceramic for all C5 and C6 Corvettes. These kits feature a six-piston/four-piston caliper configuration (front/rear) and are available in 14-/14- and 15-/14-inch rotor diameters. The rotors are slotted for improved gas and dust evacuation, and the calipers are silver powdercoated with the Callaway logo. Our kits also come with stainless steel braided lines.

Trademark Features Callaway Corvette brake kits offer you shorter stopping distances, fade-free performance, and a firmer brake pedal. The rotor design is patented and features a cooling-vane configuration that promotes increased airflow for improved heat transfer and cooler operation. Lower rotor temperatures minimize fade and provide longer pad and rotor life. They're slotted instead of drilled for increased pad-contact area, while retaining gas and dust evacuation.

The calipers are designed for low weight with maximum structural rigidity. They're CNC machined and equipped with a patented bridge that allows increased clamping force without flexing, eliminating pad taper and improving pedal feel. They come with stainless steel braided lines, which also improve pedal feel. Callaway's carbon-ceramic brake kits have ultra-light rotors for reduced unsprung weight and a lower moment of inertia, improving handling response.

Quote From The Company
"These are the same Corvette brake packages installed as standard equipment on the Callaway C16 and as optional equipment on [other] Callaway Corvettes."


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