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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Brakes

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Brief Description
StopTech big-brake kits offer proven, race-winning performance for your street and track-day car. Our unique approach of offering custom-tailored piston sizes for each vehicle allows for the shortest possible stopping distance while maintaining complete compatibility with factory ABS and traction-control systems. Our front-only kits are designed to work with stock rear brakes as well as our rear big-brake kits. Replacement parts and a wide variety of pad compounds are available through our extensive distributor network for all types of driving conditions. Our in-house tech-support and customer-service teams are ready to answer any questions you may have about our products. All parts are machined, assembled, and tested in the USA at our Southern California facility.

Trademark Features
Balanced brake upgrades with optimum brake bias offer the shortest stopping distance with the best pedal feel. Our patented AeroRotors give the best airflow available, resulting in better cooling, less fade, and longer rotor and pad life Our aftermarket calipers with patented bridge result in better clamping under hard braking and less pad taper.

Quote from the Company
"StopTech is dedicated to offering the highest braking performance possible for your car. Our off-the-shelf street parts have won multiple championships and race wins in the Speed World Challenge and Grand-Am Cup Koni Challenge Series against full-race versions of competitors' braking systems. From the daily commute to all-out racing, StopTech has the quality, parts, and support to do it all."

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Vette Brakes and Products
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Brief Description
Our affordable '63-'05 Corvette brake packages bolt on with no modification to the car. We feature Hawk brake pads in several compounds, even ceramic and OE types. Our braided, stainless-steel flex lines won't inflate or rot like rubber brake hoses, and they look a lot better, too. We have regular DOT3 or 4, silicone, and high-temperature fluids available.

Some of our packages have cryogenically treated or thermal-cycle rotors. These rotors are slotted (vented) to allow hot gases and dust to escape, as well as being frozen to -270 degrees (F) and heated to 244 degrees or more for an eight-hour hardening process. We offer a powdercoated finish on request for all calipers.

Trademark Features
We have a patent for our stainless-steel-sleeved calipers, which feature a four-micron lifetime finish and modern O-ring technology for the pistons and seals ('65-'82 Corvettes). The sleeves carry a lifetime warranty.

Quote From The Company
"The Master Brake Kit #22000O ('63-'82) is on sale now, along with our other brake kits. Call us for more information."


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