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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Brakes

Christopher R. Phillip Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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AP Racing/Stillen
(866) 278-8287

Brief Description
For the biggest brake-system upgrade, Stillen offers world-renowned AP Racing six-piston calipers running on two-piece rotors. Each kit is designed to work with the original-equipment master cylinder, ABS, and traction-control systems. Specially designed two-piece rotors are cross-drilled and slotted, the optimum configuration for high-performance street, autocross, and occasional track-day use. Slotted-only versions are available for the serious track enthusiast. The curved-vane construction provides maximum cooling, while significantly reducing unsprung weight.

DOT-compliant and TV-approved stainless steel lines are included to top off the upgrade and provide a huge improvement in pedal feel and stiffness. Brackets and hardware are made from aerospace-grade materials and high-strength fasteners. All AP Racing kits are complete, with no other parts required. Install, bleed, and go. Many kits require 17-inch wheels or larger with sufficient spoke clearance. Download a brake-profile template to check your wheels before ordering. Put decades of championship-winning experience on your car.

Trademark Features
Specific caliper and piston selection for each application; less caliper flex equals more driver control; two-piece, high-grade iron rotors for maximum thermal capacity; aluminum hats for rapid heat dissipation and lower unsprung weight; cross-drilled/slotted or slotted-only rotors available; a wide selection of padsavailable for street or track-day use; all brake systems include stainless steel brake lines and all necessary high-grade hardware.

Quote from the Company
"AP Racing has been serving the racing and high-performance communities for almost 40 years. With more than 660 Formula 1 wins and leading the field in NASCAR, the lessons learned at the pinnacle of motorsports are incorporated into every brake system."

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Baer Brake Systems
(602) 233-1411

Brief Description
Baer offers direct bolt-on brake systems for all Corvette applications from '65 to present. Pro-Plus systems feature the all-new 6P billet six-piston caliper on either a 13- or 14-inch rotor and employ the OE C5 or C6 pad. Also offered for all applications is the Extreme-Plus system (6S), which features the market's largest six-piston (and the world's only road-going) forged MonoBlock caliper. These 6S applications are available with 14- or 15-inch-diameter rotors. DecelaPad and DecelaRotor OE-replacement pad and rotor upgrades are also offered for all Corvettes originally equipped with disc brakes.

Trademark Features
Baer's 6S MonoBlock calipers are forged from 2618 aluminum and represent the most temperature-stable product offering in the market. And thanks to right-angle machining technology, they're simply the most technically advanced brake systems available for Corvettes. In addition, the new 6P calipers, which are machined from a billet extrusion, offer the best dollar-for-dollar systems on the market.

Quote From The Company
"Baer simply asks you to compare the features, level of completeness, integration with OE support systems, and technical merit of all competitive brake systems, rotors, and/or pad upgrades--then buy the one that best suits your requirements."


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