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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Brakes

Christopher R. Phillip Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Brief Description
SpeedDirect offers the Shark Bite C6 Z06 brake upgrade kits for '65-'82 and '97-'09 Corvettes. These kits use the aluminum, six-piston Z06 brake caliper from the C6 Corvette, which confers a major increase in braking capacity. Not only is the caliper stiffer than the original cast-iron piece, but its individual "padlets" allow for much improved torque application by evenly distributing the force across the total pad area. Our kits include 13- or 14-inch rotors (standard, drilled, or slotted) that are made in the USA and bolt directly into place.

In road racing, virtually all passing is done during braking. Be confident in your car's braking capability with SpeedDirect's Shark Bite brake-conversion kits. These kits improve braking power, reduce fade, have greater durability than factory brakes, and are perfect for street or road-course applications.

Trademark Features
This is the only kit on the market using factory Corvette calipers with the "Corvette" script on them. Our kits are completely bolt on--no drilling or modifying is required.

Quote from the Company
"Turn your wheels into picture frames with the new Shark Bite C6 Z06 brake kit."

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Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC)

Brief Description
SSBC manufactures a complete line of brake systems for all generations of Corvettes, from '53 to present. For most years, several different options are available, including front and rear kits. SSBC offers a range of kits, from those that will clear your factory wheels to others that require larger, aftermarket wheels.

Trademark Features
Kits are available with rotor sizes ranging from 11 up to 14 inches. Rotors are available plain, slotted, and plated as well as in a cross-drilled, slotted, and plated configuration. Calipers feature from one up to eight pistons and are available in powdercoated and polished finishes. SSBC brake systems are designed for easy, bolt-on installations and include all the parts needed for a no-hassle install.

Quote From The Company
"SSBC has the disc-brake conversion kits and disc-brake upgrade kits you need to stop your Corvette."


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