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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Brakes

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Disc Brakes Australia (DBA)
(866) 477 7071

Brief Description
We feature 100 percent Australian-made performance disc rotors cast and machined from our foundry-and-machining facilities in Sydney. Three lines of direct-replacement rotors are available:

Our Street series, featuring our proprietary metal Kangaroo Paw vent design, is a slotted and cross-drilled combination. The hats and outer diameter are painted in a special heat-resistant engine enamel to resist rust.

Our DBA 4000 Series offers the same features as our Street series, along with a special heat-treating process that changes the metallurgical structure to help reduce wear, resulting in a longer service life than traditional replacement rotors. Another special feature is the Thermo-graphic heat-changing paint. These red, yellow, and green paint markings are a race technology brought to the street. Racers can monitor how their braking system is working by observing if the paint changes color.

Our DBA 5000 series is a two-piece, direct-replacement, street or high-performance racing rotor. An alloy hat is bolted onto the cast rotor ring--again featuring our exclusive Kangaroo Paw vent design--and Thermo-graphic heat-changing paint is applied. Lighter than our one-piece design, it runs much cooler and reduces wheel-bearing wear. It gives the feel, performance, and look of a big brake kit, without the expense. No relocating of calipers or brackets is required.

Trademark Features
We offer a propriety casting formula that includes our Kangaroo Paw vent design, which features 144perfectly placed vents for better cooling. It's also unidirectional, meaning it can be put on the left- or righthand side, with the rotation of the wheel directing the airflow. Other features include a thermal stability profile (TSP) heat-treating process, which is more effective than other treatments (4000 and 5000 Series only); Thermo-graphic heat-changing paint to monitor brake-system temperatures; and a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on manufacturing defects. Our warehouse and distribution are located in Detroit, Michigan.

Quote From The Company
"Race technology brought to the street."

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Jim Meyer Racing Products
(800) 824-1752

Brief Description
Upgrade your C1's stock suspension and old drum brakes with our easy-to-install front-suspension unit. It bolts directly to the frame in place of the original suspension, using the same holes.

Trademark Features
The new bolt-in crossmember includes 11-inch GM disc brakes and spindle assemblies, tubular control arms, coilover shocks, and rack-and-pinion steering. For improved stopping power and safety, upgrade the stock master cylinder to a power or manual dual master cylinder. Both bolt in place of the original and are designed to clear the fender and hood without modification. They feature an extension tube, a pushrod, and a 1-inch-bore aluminum master cylinder. The power master-cylinder kit includes a 7-inch booster.

Quote from the Company
"If you're not satisfied with the quality or craftsmanship of any Jim Meyer Racing Products component, send it back for a refund. In over 32 years, no one has."

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Muskegon Brake
(800) 442-0335

Brief Description
The Muskegon Brake "Bolt-On Brake Job" has been a benchmark in the Corvette aftermarket for more than 20 years, providing quality components for a fair price. It includes four stainless-steel-sleeved rebuilt calipers, a master cylinder, pads, hoses, rear lines, and DOT5 fluid. It's the easiest way to completely restore your brake system.

Trademark Features
We use industry-leading products to build a quality kit at a fair price, and we back our calipers with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Quote From The Company
"Muskegon Brake is the undercar expert for C2 and C3 Corvettes. Our technicians and advisors have accumulated over 60 years of experience on Corvettes, and we back up our product offering with hands-on experience."


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