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Chevrolet Corvette Brake System Guide - Stopping Mall

Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Brakes

Christopher R. Phillip Sep 1, 2009
Vemp_0909_14_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide C3_moving 2/16

Our C3 stops . . . eventually.

Here's an easy quiz: Which of your Corvette's pedals do you want to push all the way to the floor, and which one do you never want to touch the carpet? If you answered "accelerator" first and "brake" second, then you already understand the opposite but interrelated processes of hurling a high-powered car to speed and then safely bringing it to a stop.

Fortunately for us, braking technology for the Corvette has improved exponentially since the days of four-wheel drums. Today, modern braking systems allow these performance machines to perform safely in a variety of driving and competition environments, without the risk of fade or failure.

Great brakes aren't just a late-model luxury, either. Thanks to a burgeoning aftermarket, all generations of Corvettes can take advantage of modern braking technology. With this in mind, we contacted 14 brake manufacturers and asked them to describe their Vette-specific kits.

Because choosing a brake kit is based upon myriad variables--including price, vehicle weight, horsepower, and intended usage--we didn't favor one of these manufacturers over the others. Instead, we listed them all and allowed them to state their case. All that's left is for you to decide which of these systems is right for your car.

Vemp_0909_01_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Brembo_brakes 3/16

Brembo North America
(800) 325-3994

Brief Description
Brembo Gran Turismo brake-upgrade systems include Brembo four- or six-piston calipers with sequentially sized pistons and come in a choice of red, black, or silver (yellow available on some applications). Other features include Brembo drilled or slotted two-piece rotors up to 15 inches (380mm) or one-piece rotors up to 14 inches (355mm), DOT- and TV-certified Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines, Brembo high-performance brake pads, Brembo floating anti-rattle rotor hardware, and Brembo billet-aluminum or steel brackets.

Trademark Features
Brembo's GT brake systems for the Corvette are designed based on specific vehicle parameters for optimum brake balance. Larger, fixed-mount calipers with specially tailored piston sizes and upsized discs help achieve these goals while providing increased thermal capacity for superior fade resistance. Systems using two-piece discs enhance not only the performance of the brakes, but the vehicle's overall performance as well, thanks to a reduction in unsprung and rotating weight.

Quote from the Company
"Brembo is a leader in enhancing the performance of Corvette models. The '09 Corvette ZR1 was the first-ever North American production car to be fitted with Brembo's state-of-the-art carbon-ceramic brake discs (CCM), developed and produced by the company in its Kilometro Rosso R&D Center in northern Italy. In 2004, this leading-edge technology received the `Golden Compass,' the most significant award in Europe for engineering design. Brembo offers GT brake upgrade systems for Corvette C4, C5, and C6 owners."

Vemp_0909_03_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Stillen_ap_racing 4/16

AP Racing/Stillen
(866) 278-8287

Brief Description
For the biggest brake-system upgrade, Stillen offers world-renowned AP Racing six-piston calipers running on two-piece rotors. Each kit is designed to work with the original-equipment master cylinder, ABS, and traction-control systems. Specially designed two-piece rotors are cross-drilled and slotted, the optimum configuration for high-performance street, autocross, and occasional track-day use. Slotted-only versions are available for the serious track enthusiast. The curved-vane construction provides maximum cooling, while significantly reducing unsprung weight.

DOT-compliant and TV-approved stainless steel lines are included to top off the upgrade and provide a huge improvement in pedal feel and stiffness. Brackets and hardware are made from aerospace-grade materials and high-strength fasteners. All AP Racing kits are complete, with no other parts required. Install, bleed, and go. Many kits require 17-inch wheels or larger with sufficient spoke clearance. Download a brake-profile template to check your wheels before ordering. Put decades of championship-winning experience on your car.

Trademark Features
Specific caliper and piston selection for each application; less caliper flex equals more driver control; two-piece, high-grade iron rotors for maximum thermal capacity; aluminum hats for rapid heat dissipation and lower unsprung weight; cross-drilled/slotted or slotted-only rotors available; a wide selection of padsavailable for street or track-day use; all brake systems include stainless steel brake lines and all necessary high-grade hardware.

Quote from the Company
"AP Racing has been serving the racing and high-performance communities for almost 40 years. With more than 660 Formula 1 wins and leading the field in NASCAR, the lessons learned at the pinnacle of motorsports are incorporated into every brake system."

Vemp_0909_02_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Brembo_brake_kit 5/16

Baer Brake Systems
(602) 233-1411

Brief Description
Baer offers direct bolt-on brake systems for all Corvette applications from '65 to present. Pro-Plus systems feature the all-new 6P billet six-piston caliper on either a 13- or 14-inch rotor and employ the OE C5 or C6 pad. Also offered for all applications is the Extreme-Plus system (6S), which features the market's largest six-piston (and the world's only road-going) forged MonoBlock caliper. These 6S applications are available with 14- or 15-inch-diameter rotors. DecelaPad and DecelaRotor OE-replacement pad and rotor upgrades are also offered for all Corvettes originally equipped with disc brakes.

Trademark Features
Baer's 6S MonoBlock calipers are forged from 2618 aluminum and represent the most temperature-stable product offering in the market. And thanks to right-angle machining technology, they're simply the most technically advanced brake systems available for Corvettes. In addition, the new 6P calipers, which are machined from a billet extrusion, offer the best dollar-for-dollar systems on the market.

Quote From The Company
"Baer simply asks you to compare the features, level of completeness, integration with OE support systems, and technical merit of all competitive brake systems, rotors, and/or pad upgrades--then buy the one that best suits your requirements."

Vemp_0909_04_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Stillen_ap_racing_kit 6/16

Superior Automotive
(888) 697-8264

Brief DescriptionSuperior offers a complete front and rear disc-brake conversion for '53-'82 Corvettes. This kit includes 13-inch, drilled-and-slotted front rotors; 12-inch, drilled-and-slotted rear rotors; four-piston KH-style calipers; mounting brackets; and all necessary hardware. In addition, it comes with a 9-inch, AC Delco-style power-brake booster, master cylinder, and proportioning valve. It requires the use of 17-inch or larger wheels.

Trademark Features
The greatest thing about our brake kit is that it's made especially for the Corvette. You don't have to change tie-rod ends or spindles. In fact, you don't even have to have the car aligned. This is truly a bolt-on kit for classic Corvettes. It's surprisingly easy to install and makes a remarkable difference in braking ability.

Quote from the Company
"We are excited and proud to offer what we think is one of the best, most competitively priced high-performance Corvette brake kits on the market today."

Vemp_0909_05_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Callaway_cars 7/16

Callaway Cars
(860) 434-9002

Brief Description
Callaway LeMans Brake Kits are available in iron or carbon-ceramic for all C5 and C6 Corvettes. These kits feature a six-piston/four-piston caliper configuration (front/rear) and are available in 14-/14- and 15-/14-inch rotor diameters. The rotors are slotted for improved gas and dust evacuation, and the calipers are silver powdercoated with the Callaway logo. Our kits also come with stainless steel braided lines.

Trademark Features Callaway Corvette brake kits offer you shorter stopping distances, fade-free performance, and a firmer brake pedal. The rotor design is patented and features a cooling-vane configuration that promotes increased airflow for improved heat transfer and cooler operation. Lower rotor temperatures minimize fade and provide longer pad and rotor life. They're slotted instead of drilled for increased pad-contact area, while retaining gas and dust evacuation.

The calipers are designed for low weight with maximum structural rigidity. They're CNC machined and equipped with a patented bridge that allows increased clamping force without flexing, eliminating pad taper and improving pedal feel. They come with stainless steel braided lines, which also improve pedal feel. Callaway's carbon-ceramic brake kits have ultra-light rotors for reduced unsprung weight and a lower moment of inertia, improving handling response.

Quote From The Company
"These are the same Corvette brake packages installed as standard equipment on the Callaway C16 and as optional equipment on [other] Callaway Corvettes."

Vemp_0909_07_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Dba_disc_brakes_australia 8/16

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA)
(866) 477 7071

Brief Description
We feature 100 percent Australian-made performance disc rotors cast and machined from our foundry-and-machining facilities in Sydney. Three lines of direct-replacement rotors are available:

Our Street series, featuring our proprietary metal Kangaroo Paw vent design, is a slotted and cross-drilled combination. The hats and outer diameter are painted in a special heat-resistant engine enamel to resist rust.

Our DBA 4000 Series offers the same features as our Street series, along with a special heat-treating process that changes the metallurgical structure to help reduce wear, resulting in a longer service life than traditional replacement rotors. Another special feature is the Thermo-graphic heat-changing paint. These red, yellow, and green paint markings are a race technology brought to the street. Racers can monitor how their braking system is working by observing if the paint changes color.

Our DBA 5000 series is a two-piece, direct-replacement, street or high-performance racing rotor. An alloy hat is bolted onto the cast rotor ring--again featuring our exclusive Kangaroo Paw vent design--and Thermo-graphic heat-changing paint is applied. Lighter than our one-piece design, it runs much cooler and reduces wheel-bearing wear. It gives the feel, performance, and look of a big brake kit, without the expense. No relocating of calipers or brackets is required.

Trademark Features
We offer a propriety casting formula that includes our Kangaroo Paw vent design, which features 144perfectly placed vents for better cooling. It's also unidirectional, meaning it can be put on the left- or righthand side, with the rotation of the wheel directing the airflow. Other features include a thermal stability profile (TSP) heat-treating process, which is more effective than other treatments (4000 and 5000 Series only); Thermo-graphic heat-changing paint to monitor brake-system temperatures; and a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on manufacturing defects. Our warehouse and distribution are located in Detroit, Michigan.

Quote From The Company
"Race technology brought to the street."

Vemp_0909_06_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Corvette_brake_upgrade_kit 9/16

Jim Meyer Racing Products
(800) 824-1752

Brief Description
Upgrade your C1's stock suspension and old drum brakes with our easy-to-install front-suspension unit. It bolts directly to the frame in place of the original suspension, using the same holes.

Trademark Features
The new bolt-in crossmember includes 11-inch GM disc brakes and spindle assemblies, tubular control arms, coilover shocks, and rack-and-pinion steering. For improved stopping power and safety, upgrade the stock master cylinder to a power or manual dual master cylinder. Both bolt in place of the original and are designed to clear the fender and hood without modification. They feature an extension tube, a pushrod, and a 1-inch-bore aluminum master cylinder. The power master-cylinder kit includes a 7-inch booster.

Quote from the Company
"If you're not satisfied with the quality or craftsmanship of any Jim Meyer Racing Products component, send it back for a refund. In over 32 years, no one has."

Vemp_0909_09_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Muskegon_brakes 10/16

Muskegon Brake
(800) 442-0335

Brief Description
The Muskegon Brake "Bolt-On Brake Job" has been a benchmark in the Corvette aftermarket for more than 20 years, providing quality components for a fair price. It includes four stainless-steel-sleeved rebuilt calipers, a master cylinder, pads, hoses, rear lines, and DOT5 fluid. It's the easiest way to completely restore your brake system.

Trademark Features
We use industry-leading products to build a quality kit at a fair price, and we back our calipers with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Quote From The Company
"Muskegon Brake is the undercar expert for C2 and C3 Corvettes. Our technicians and advisors have accumulated over 60 years of experience on Corvettes, and we back up our product offering with hands-on experience."

Vemp_0909_08_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Speeddirect_kit 11/16

(888) 425-2776

Brief Description
SpeedDirect offers the Shark Bite C6 Z06 brake upgrade kits for '65-'82 and '97-'09 Corvettes. These kits use the aluminum, six-piston Z06 brake caliper from the C6 Corvette, which confers a major increase in braking capacity. Not only is the caliper stiffer than the original cast-iron piece, but its individual "padlets" allow for much improved torque application by evenly distributing the force across the total pad area. Our kits include 13- or 14-inch rotors (standard, drilled, or slotted) that are made in the USA and bolt directly into place.

In road racing, virtually all passing is done during braking. Be confident in your car's braking capability with SpeedDirect's Shark Bite brake-conversion kits. These kits improve braking power, reduce fade, have greater durability than factory brakes, and are perfect for street or road-course applications.

Trademark Features
This is the only kit on the market using factory Corvette calipers with the "Corvette" script on them. Our kits are completely bolt on--no drilling or modifying is required.

Quote from the Company
"Turn your wheels into picture frames with the new Shark Bite C6 Z06 brake kit."

Vemp_0909_10_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Stainless_steel_brakes_corporation_ssbc 12/16

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC)

Brief Description
SSBC manufactures a complete line of brake systems for all generations of Corvettes, from '53 to present. For most years, several different options are available, including front and rear kits. SSBC offers a range of kits, from those that will clear your factory wheels to others that require larger, aftermarket wheels.

Trademark Features
Kits are available with rotor sizes ranging from 11 up to 14 inches. Rotors are available plain, slotted, and plated as well as in a cross-drilled, slotted, and plated configuration. Calipers feature from one up to eight pistons and are available in powdercoated and polished finishes. SSBC brake systems are designed for easy, bolt-on installations and include all the parts needed for a no-hassle install.

Quote From The Company
"SSBC has the disc-brake conversion kits and disc-brake upgrade kits you need to stop your Corvette."

Vemp_0909_11_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Stoptech_kit 13/16

(310) 933-1100

Brief Description
StopTech big-brake kits offer proven, race-winning performance for your street and track-day car. Our unique approach of offering custom-tailored piston sizes for each vehicle allows for the shortest possible stopping distance while maintaining complete compatibility with factory ABS and traction-control systems. Our front-only kits are designed to work with stock rear brakes as well as our rear big-brake kits. Replacement parts and a wide variety of pad compounds are available through our extensive distributor network for all types of driving conditions. Our in-house tech-support and customer-service teams are ready to answer any questions you may have about our products. All parts are machined, assembled, and tested in the USA at our Southern California facility.

Trademark Features
Balanced brake upgrades with optimum brake bias offer the shortest stopping distance with the best pedal feel. Our patented AeroRotors give the best airflow available, resulting in better cooling, less fade, and longer rotor and pad life Our aftermarket calipers with patented bridge result in better clamping under hard braking and less pad taper.

Quote from the Company
"StopTech is dedicated to offering the highest braking performance possible for your car. Our off-the-shelf street parts have won multiple championships and race wins in the Speed World Challenge and Grand-Am Cup Koni Challenge Series against full-race versions of competitors' braking systems. From the daily commute to all-out racing, StopTech has the quality, parts, and support to do it all."

Vemp_0909_12_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Vette_brakes_and_products 14/16

Vette Brakes and Products
(800) 237-9991

Brief Description
Our affordable '63-'05 Corvette brake packages bolt on with no modification to the car. We feature Hawk brake pads in several compounds, even ceramic and OE types. Our braided, stainless-steel flex lines won't inflate or rot like rubber brake hoses, and they look a lot better, too. We have regular DOT3 or 4, silicone, and high-temperature fluids available.

Some of our packages have cryogenically treated or thermal-cycle rotors. These rotors are slotted (vented) to allow hot gases and dust to escape, as well as being frozen to -270 degrees (F) and heated to 244 degrees or more for an eight-hour hardening process. We offer a powdercoated finish on request for all calipers.

Trademark Features
We have a patent for our stainless-steel-sleeved calipers, which feature a four-micron lifetime finish and modern O-ring technology for the pistons and seals ('65-'82 Corvettes). The sleeves carry a lifetime warranty.

Quote From The Company
"The Master Brake Kit #22000O ('63-'82) is on sale now, along with our other brake kits. Call us for more information."

Vemp_0909_13_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide Wilwood_engineering 15/16

Wilwood Engineering
(805) 388-1188

Brief Description
Wilwood offers the aftermarket's most extensive line of custom and competition brake kits for '63-'82 and '88-'09 Corvettes.

For the '63-'64 models, a front-disc conversion using four-piston Dynalite calipers with 11.75-inch rotors can be optioned for street, strip, or show. Direct replacement D8-4 caliper kits for the '65-'82 models use stainless steel pistons with modern seals in a forged billet-aluminum body to reduce weight and end the leaking and corrosion issues inherent in the OE cast-iron design.

In the big-brake categories, our front kits with Billet Superlite six-piston calipers are coupled with 13- or 14-inch rotors for all '65-'82 models and '88 and later C4s, C5s, and C6s. Matching rear kits with Billet Superlite four-piston calipers retain the original internal parking brake and are available for the '65-'82 and all '97 and newer models. Wilwood ProMatrix pad-and-rotor upgrade kits for the '88-'96 model C4 rears retain the use of the OE parking-brake caliper.

Topping the big-brake list are two kits featuring W6AR six-piston calipers and 14.25-inch rotors, with options for professional road-course competition or the ultimate in big-brake style on all '97 and newer Corvettes.

Trademark Features
For more than three decades, Wilwood Engineering has been recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialty brake products for motorsports and industry. Wilwood disc brakes are more than mere adaptations of commonly available automotive components. Rather, they're specifically application designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in-house using this legacy of experience and manufacturing expertise. They deliver championship performance at the highest levels of motorsports and provide the ultimate in style to the most discriminating enthusiasts.

Quote From The Company
"Wilwood offers more than 800 high-performance brake kits--with additional options for calipers, rotors, and brake-pad materials--to satisfy the stopping and style requirements of more than 2,800 vehicle applications."

Vemp_0909_15_z Chevrolet_corvette_brake_system_guide West_coast_corvettes 16/16

West Coast Corvettes(888)

Brief Description
Our kit offers red, six-piston GM front calipers; red, four-piston GM rear calipers; 14-inch GM cross-drilled front rotors; 13.4-inch GM cross-drilled rear rotors; front and rear Hawk HP ceramic brake pads; a front and rear stainless steel braided brake-line set; and five pints of Motul racing brake fluid.

Trademark Features
Our kit gives increased safety and confidence; 110-foot stopping power from 60 mph; direct bolt-on installation; a beautiful Z06 look and feel; and unsurpassed quality utilizing GM, Hawk, and Motul products.

Quote From The Company
"This is by far the best bang-for-the-buck when it comes to braking, and it's a must-have for anyone doing performance modifications. Get the look and performance of a $6,000 brake package at a fraction of the cost."



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