Corvette C6 GTR Carbon-Fiber Headlamps - Illuminating Project

Specter Werkes/Sports' C6 Headlamp And Taillight Kits Are A Bright New Idea For The Diy'er

Barry Kluczyk Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Installing the taillights couldn't be simpler. A single screw holds each lens housing in place; after it's removed and the bulb disconnected, the Specter housing simply replaces the stocker. The Specter headlamp assemblies are also direct replacements for the stock units, but there's a little more to the job than being handy with a screwdriver.

Swapping the headlamps requires that you first remove the front fenders; this will allow you to reach the hardware that secures the lamps to the chassis. Care and patience are the watchwords here, to prevent scratching or damaging these relatively delicate pieces-particularly the carbon-fiber fenders of Z06 and ZR1 models. (By the way, we think the GTR headlamps complement the other exposed carbon pieces on the ZR1 like, say, a dollop of Cool Whip on a slice of pumpkin pie.)

Specter Werkes/Sports lists the headlamp kit for $1,895 and the taillight kit for $555. If the former seems pricey, keep in mind it includes both the left and right assemblies, fully assembled with production-spec projector beams and DOT-approved lenses-and it's only about $75 more than you'd pay the parts-counter guy for stock replacements.

So no, not every enhancement to your Corvette has to be made in the quest for greater horsepower. High-performance styling has its place, too. And in that regard, this project is the equivalent of a 200 shot of nitrous.




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