Corvette C6 GTR Carbon-Fiber Headlamps - Illuminating Project

Specter Werkes/Sports' C6 Headlamp And Taillight Kits Are A Bright New Idea For The Diy'er

Barry Kluczyk Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Drop-Top Wide Body: Specter's Z06 Fender Kit For Convertibles
In the Corvette corner of the Internet, one of the more popular topics has been the feasibility of adapting the wider Z06 rear fenders to the convertible body. Some say it can be done with some light nipping and tucking of the Z06 parts, while others advise against the project altogether.

To fulfill a customer's request to perform that very modification, Specter Werkes/Sports tackled the wide-body swap. It was a success, and Specter's president, Jeff Nowicki, determined that the necessary procedures could be packaged in a kit for installation by a car owner or body shop.

In a nutshell, the change involves trimming a section of the stock Z06 fender (requiring a Dremel-type tool to slice through the tough carbon material) and bonding an insert to it that matches the top contour of the convertible fender. The insert requires paint matching, but if the fender is trimmed carefully, it shouldn't require a touch-up.

The kit should be available as this issue hits the newsstand, so if you're interested in giving your convertible the styling of the Z06, give Specter a call.

Oh, and don't forget you'll need a pair of Z06 carbon-fiber rear fenders, too. The last time we checked, they listed at an eye-watering $1,739 apiece at your Chevy dealer (some sweet talk might bring it down a bit). Such is the price for standing out from the crowd.




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