Corvette C6 GTR Carbon-Fiber Headlamps - Illuminating Project

Specter Werkes/Sports' C6 Headlamp And Taillight Kits Are A Bright New Idea For The Diy'er

Barry Kluczyk Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Let's be clear about this from the start: The project outlined in this story won't increase the top speed of your C6; nor will it improve its lateral acceleration. It won't shave half a second from its quarter-mile acceleration, and don't bother writing to ask about the impact on downforce at 120 mph.

This is a story about aesthetics. It's about personalization. And it's about a do-it-yourself project that, provided you can tell a straight-slot screwdriver from a Phillips, you can perform at home and achieve excellent results.

We're talking about a set of GTR carbon-fiber headlamps and stainless-steel-accented taillights from Specter Werkes/Sports. In the simplest sense, they replace the stock lamps and lenses, but there's more to the project than that. They transform an otherwise stock-appearing car into something more distinctive, but in a way that doesn't impact driveability or reliability.

Both the headlamps and taillights are the same as the ones used on Specter's GTR supercar. The headlamps dramatically alter the front-end appearance of the car, replacing the body-color lamp assemblies with units draped in real carbon fiber beneath the lens cover. As for the taillights, they've got blacked-out outer-edge styling and a stainless-steel center trim ring, yielding a more detailed look than the stock lenses.




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