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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Exhaust Systems

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Borla Performance
(877) 462-6752

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Brief Description:Borla Performance offers the widest variety of Cat-Back exhaust systems and rear sections for C4, C5, and C6 Corvettes in the industry. We produce systems for every taste, from the mild touring style and aggressive S-Type to kick-ass, pipes-only racing systems. We include a choice of tip styles and cross-pipe options on our C5 and C6 models. The sound of the Borla S-Type mufflers sets the standard for Corvette enthusiasts and has become the benchmark for other manufacturers. In addition, we have the exclusive, patented XR-1 multi-core muffler available on C5 and C6 Z06 models.

Trademark Features: Cat-Back, XR-1 multi-core muffler, 1,000,000-mile warranty.

Quote from the Company:"Borla Performance is the originator of the Cat-Back exhaust system and the pioneer of the use of austenitic stainless steel in the construction of exhaust systems. We have nearly 30 years of race-proven engineering experience, five patents, and numerous awards, along with being the choice of major manufacturers and having more racing wins than any other exhaust brand."

Callaway Cars
(860) 434-9002

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Brief Description: Callaway specializes in constructing super sports cars based on the C5 and C6 Corvette. Many of the products developed for Callaway Corvettes are available individually, like the Double-D Exhaust Systems. These systems were designed and developed by Callaway's engineering staff to allow the maximum possible exhaust-gas flow with minimum restriction for maximum possible horsepower. The engineers also ensured that their designs produced the proper tonal qualities.

Trademark Features: All mufflers and pipes are manufactured of premium-quality 304 stainless steel. While the steel isn't polished, the surface finish is so nice that it appears polished. The oversized C5 and C6 mufflers use all the space available in the chassis to maximize internal-component dimensions and minimize flow restriction, producing nearly the same flow rate as straight pipes.

Muffler performance and increased horsepower for Callaway Corvettes were the primary objectives. Then, our engineers worked on getting the sound right. The baffling and tube configuration resulted in a deep exhaust note that has strong bass and isn't raspy. It's slightly louder than stock at idle, and much louder at half- to full-throttle, and there is no in-car resonance or drone.

Robotic welding provides a beautiful appearance for the muffler seams. Over-axle tubes are mandrel-bent to retain high flow. Computer-controlled bending equipment ensures precise dimensions, ensuring easy fitment to stock or aftermarket intermediate pipes, and eliminating interference with chassis components. Even the clamps are premium-grade.

Finally, the cast, stainless steel Double-D tips are a Callaway trademark. In fact, this design has been used on various Callaway vehicles since the 1970s. The cast-tip construction eliminates the possibility of misalignment.

Quote from the Company:"Callaway Exhaust Systems produce maximum horsepower, with a deep powerful tone that doesn't overwhelm, while providing a unique `Double-D' tip design."

Stainless Works
(800) 878-3635

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Brief Description: Stainless Works after-cat exhaust systems feature premium, American-made quality for all generations of Corvettes. We use 304L Everlast stainless steel, CNC mandrel bends, CNC laser-cut flanges, and high-quality TIG welding. Our systems are available with multiple pipe sizes, muffler choices, and tip configurations to match your preferences.

Trademark Features: Our systems come with a modular design to work with headers or factory manifolds, and they offer the option of mild or aggressive tones. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

Quote from the Company:"Stainless Works after-cat exhaust systems deliver the sound, power, and mileage that Corvette owners are looking for and are easily upgradeable with on- or off-road long-tube headers for maximum performance."


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