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Vette's Official Guide To Corvette Exhaust Systems

Christopher R. Phillip Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Pypes Performance Exhaust
(800) 421-3890

Vemp_0908_12_z C6_z06_corvette_aft_cat_exhaust_systems Pypes_performance_exhaust 2/17

Brief Description: The Pypes C3 system is designed to connect directly to your manifolds or headers. It includes a custom-fit cross-pipe and high-performance mufflers and is constructed of 409 stainless steel. Tailpipes, hangers, and clamps are included. (A dual-hump crossmember must be used for proper installation, and '68-'73 owners must modify and use their own tips.)

Our C4 system is a direct-fit, 2.5-inch, crossmember-back design that includes a cross-pipe, tailpipes, and Pypes mufflers with integrated 304 polished stainless tips. Like all of our systems, it's constructed using 409 stainless steel and comes complete with all necessary clamps and hangers. (Downpipes are available for C4 cars using manifolds.)

Pypes C5 systems feature a pair of uniquely designed mufflers that employ our exclusive Slingshot Technology which really moves the exhaust gases through the system. The Race Pro version of the muffler creates maximum flow and power with only a minimal volume increase and no internal resonance.

For those who want to advertise their arrival, check out the SCC50VS or SCC51VS Violator versions. These systems include fully polished 304 stainless steel mufflers and tips that will last a lifetime. We have designed two exciting new exhaust tips specifically for this system. SCC50 comes with a wide oval, dual-wall tip for a unique look. SCC51 comes with dual 3.5-inch dual-wall tips for a more traditional aftermarket look.

Trademark Features: The Pypes C4 system is the only manifold-back system on the market. All systems are constructed of 409 stainless steel. All Pypes products carry a lifetime warranty, which is good for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle. Choose from multiple mufflers to tailor the sound of your system.

Quote from the Company: "Systems are great looking, produce a great sound, and offer great performance!"

Quick Time Performance
(201) 444-0998

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Brief Description: The Screamer features a pair of dual-mode mufflers, each with a single inlet and a dual outlet. One outlet is a straight pipe with a valve at the end. When the valve is open, you get a loud and free-flowing exhaust system. Close the valve, and the exhaust gases are diverted through the muffled section to provide a quiet, mild-mannered sound. The Screamer gives you the power and sound you desire when you want it, at the flip of the switch.

Trademark Features: Other systems that make power are loud all the time, which gets old. Systems on the quieter side simply lack power and won't unlock your Corvette's true potential. All our systems are TIG welded and utilize polished stainless steel for a clean look and durability.

Quote from the Company:"The Screamer: Go from quiet to riot with the flip of a switch!"

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust
(800) 990-0905

Vemp_0908_14_z C6_z06_corvette_aft_cat_exhaust_systems Magnaflow_performance_exhaust 4/17

Brief Description: If you're in the market for a replacement exhaust, or you just want something that offers a little more power over stock, look no further than MagnaFlow. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust offers a wide range of after-cat exhausts for new and old Corvettes. Designed to bolt right on to your vehicle, with half-inch-overlapped welding at each joint, every system is dyno proven to produce power, all while providing years of trouble-free performance. Regardless of which MagnaFlow exhaust system you choose, it will be backed by MagnaFlow's lifetime warranty and have a smooth, deep, drone-free tone.

Trademark Features: The sound character is a deep tone with comfortable cruising and an aggressive note at WOT.

Quote from the Company:"Power and sound . . . it's what MagnaFlow delivers."


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