World Products' Motown LS Engine - Best Of Both Worlds

World Products' Motown LS Engine Blends Free-Breathing LS Heads With Traditional SBC Architecture

Peter Murphy Jun 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Here's the basic long-block assembly, prior to the installation of the intake manifold and carburetor.

But what about the power increase over World's own LS engine? It wasn't all due to a simple port job on the heads. Mitchell reminded us of the differences between the SBC and LS cylinder-block designs. The LS block has a deep-skirt design (also known as a "Y" block"), while the small-block casting extends only to the crankshaft centerline.

The LS block design enhances overall rigidity, which is particularly helpful with OEM aluminum castings, but it creates considerably more crankcase windage than the small-block. The Motown II block is plenty stiff to begin with, with thicker-than-stock key features (bulheads, "China" walls, and more) and four-bolt mains.

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The other unique parts created for the Motown LS include adapter plates for the front of the heads, to mount a water pump and other accessories. A crossover tube is used to connect the small-block's standard water-pump inlet and outlet ports, so the water flow will correspond with the LS circuit.

"Windage makes a huge difference," Mitchell says. "With this combination, you've really got this best of both worlds-an affordable, performance-oriented bottom end and the great breathing of LS heads."

The implications for the Motown LS are far-reaching for street and racing enthusiasts-and exciting. Just imagine this monster in a C3 or C4 Vette.

World Products deserves an achievement award for the Motown LS, and enthusiasts everywhere are the beneficiaries of the company's progressive attitude toward building big power.

Vemp_0906_17_z World_products_motown_ls_engine Ls_intake 4/21

The Motown II LS deck height is raised to the LS production spec of 9.240 inches, so any LS intake will bolt right up. In this case, it's an Edelbrock capped with a velocity-enhancing spacer and an AED-built 1050 Dominator carb.


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